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  1. Can you see OpenMG Limited Patch 4.7-07-14-05-01 & OpenMG Secure Module 4.7.00 in Add/Remove Programs?

    These programs will be installed, or updated (it takes time to remove and install without status) during SS installation. If you see older version, the installation is not complete. You may remove OMG patch yourself, then OMG secure Module before starting a new installation. (SS un-installation does not include the removal of OMG module).

    Further, there is a log of SS inside your personal temp (login name\local settings\temp) folder if installation is not complete or which download stops short. Hope this helps

    I got the "Sony/OpenMG Jukebox" and the "Sony/Personal Audio Driver" folders and they contain also a few files but those programs are not listed under 'Add/Remove Programs'. Can I just delete the directories?

  2. ive been reading around but havent found anything about this :(

    got an NW-A3000, WinxpSP2, 1gb ram, gf1600GT, amd dual2,0ghz.

    i first install connectplayer, and got the updates, and it didnt work (as expected) so i try to download ss but when i install it nothing happens.

    i have tried various versions (3.x-4.3CP) and it doesnt matter. between them i have cleaned up the comp the way i am told in the FAQ (not that there is much to clean tho, read on)

    so i download the installer, say 4.3 for example, wich is a bout 9xx kb. i start it and it starts downloading like im on a 14.4k modem. when its finally done, it proceeds normally through the steps, such as downloading this, installing that etc. when its done, i am told to reboot my comp, but the thing is, that nothing has been installed.

    the location i chose for installing is empty. theres not a trace of sonicstage on my add/remove programs, and all i get in the start menu is a Sonicstage folder with a "product support -personal audio- link in it.

    i get no error messages or nothing, it claims the installation has been complete but nothing has been installed! :(

    please anyone, ive worked extra for months to buy me a good mp3player but i cant use it cus of this :(

    thank you


    I have exactly the same problem! oompa, have you found already a solution?

  3. Its been a long time in the coming, but Sony has finally confirmed that a PSP2 is on the way.

    See: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=74069

    What would you like to see on a PSP2?

    Personally, I'd prefer it to be slimmer (which it is going to be), have better build quality (the buttons are a bit shaky) and have a mini hard drive of at least 8gb or an equivalent flash unit. A touchscreen for easier internet surfing and dedicated walkman buttons would be a bonus.

    Other than that, I think it is brilliant and a redesign can only make a brilliant product even better.

    It's not really a confirmation...

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