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  1. I got the "Sony/OpenMG Jukebox" and the "Sony/Personal Audio Driver" folders and they contain also a few files but those programs are not listed under 'Add/Remove Programs'. Can I just delete the directories?
  2. I'm logged in with admin rights.
  3. Victor HP-RX500: http://www.jvc-victor.co.jp/accessory/head...x500/index.html
  4. That helped for you? Will try it at home later.
  5. I got a fake from those guys: http://www.memorybits.co.uk/ It's not just the missing MagicGate they are also slower.
  6. I have exactly the same problem! oompa, have you found already a solution?
  7. I tried to install Sony's SonicStage CP 4.3 but with no luck. I get no Icon on the desktop, no program menu entry and the Sony directory is also empty although the installation procedure says the installation was successful.
  8. For what do you need Sony's Media Manager? Is there anything you can only do with the Media Manager?
  9. £129 in the UK for the Base Pack but you can get it already for £119 online. Paid £149 for a white Value Pack at Currys.
  10. That was already overdue and I hope it doesn't take ages for them to launch the service.
  11. It's not really a confirmation...
  12. What about the 8GB stick by Sony, are there counterfeited ones on the market too?
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