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  1. Fixed! Connected my device to another USB port, lol strange.
  2. fixed, in the end, by connecting device to another USB port, lol strange.
  3. Could anyone share how to hard reset an NWA model, I'm not concerned with loosing all my songs, its messed up and i can't access any, I can't even delete them from within sonic stage, they won't delete, but they will play (in sonicstage) and it will let me put more songs on. On the device I just get a 'no songs present error (after upgrading to 1.03 tho not caused by upgrading, problem was there before thus i upgraded to try and fix it.). Thanks Joshua
  4. Im having the same trouble with my nwa808. Didn't pull it out while busy, but recived error in sonic stage upon trying to delete several albums, not all the songs would delete, for each album a few songs would be left, and they'd need deleting again, second time they deleted, now i get same error trying to play ?? Resetting and re connecting to ss didn't fix it, just found new 1.03 firmware tho gonna try that
  5. since this is from japan, im wondering would this firmware remove the noise level limiter thats present on the UK models? just wondering whether I shall need to buy one from Japan. I also like the violet one, however it seems in the UK you can only get this in 4GB, whereas japan you can have it in the 8GB ver, correct? Also seems strange to me that play.com have the 808 ver for 179 whereas if you go on sonys site to get a leather case too you have to pay £215!
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