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  1. Hi! I just want to tell you, that SWEx works with my NW-S706. Ive uploaded some mp3s (about 40) and the player plays them fine. Before you begin you should backup your OMGAUDIO Folder! Here ist what ive done: - get SWEx here http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?...post&id=668 - initialise the player (using the player not sonicstage!) - create "OMGAUDIO" folder on the player - copy SWEx to the player /OMGAUDIO - create a file called "nocode.txt" and "04CNTINF.DAT" in /OMGAUDIO Now you can start with transfer MP3 Files dragNdrop by just start NWEx.exe. A big thanks to Juppe, who developed this software
  2. thank you for your oppinions. on amazon.de i`ve read that the s706 only supports the slow usb 1.1 mode, is this true?
  3. Hello Guys! I Like teh Sony NW-S706 in term of usability... the player is small and light and the sound quality is superb. So my question is, before buying, does the NW-A806 sounds a lot better or always the same? I most use MP3 (v2) or AAC+. Thank You!
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