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    Sony NW-A1200 Walkman

    Hi all, I bought a nw-a1200 a few months ago and had no real problems with then one time when i removed from my pc and tried to turn it on it came up with a message saying no database found connect to compliant software, when doing this it starts to try and update the devices database using something called intelligent features (my arse!), then gives you the error 000066d6 with a load of garbage, pain in the arse, especially when your goin on holiday in two days and have got 1500 songs on the player. Either way i couldnt find a fix for this anywhere so thought lets just see what happens if i go into the device via windows explorer, when you go in there is a folder called omgaudio just delete it then using the small reset button on the bottom of the player reset the mp3 player. Hey presto working fine again now. hope this will help someone that has the same problem to save them tralling through internet page after page trying to find it
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