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  1. Hi Jerex, Been using the VGF-AP1L for over a year now and still love its versatility. (Not to mention its sheer size and weight!! ) I've stopped using the remote because it was quite fidgety and tend to plug in my Sennheiser HD457s directly into it. I charge my unit everynight before hitting the sack and it still gives me very good battery life... survived 2 days on standby... with the occasional listen. IIRC, its better to repeatedly top up the charge rather than letting it drain and cycle. I tend to stick with LP2 132kbps as I share music files with my NetMD units, although some albums were encoded into 256kbps which is great... but 'bulky'. Coming from a minidisc fan background, I have more than enough albums with me now... and still have about 50% space left. I tend not to overload it ... as the scrolling then becomes sluggish.. and the occasional stop in music between tracks happens.. even in LP2. Anyway, do enjoy your unit. I'm still loving mine! And yes, I did get the leather case too as it helps prevent the metal body from superficial scratching!
  2. Try this out: i) Import the MP3 file into Sonicstage ii) Right click on the file in My Library and click on CONVERT TO iii) Choose LP2 for encoding (or LP4) The progress bar should show the file being "optimized". Once this is done, then connect the MD to PC, and transfer
  3. Tottenham Crt Rd dealer or the one in Mayfair?
  4. Hi juli, of course... everywhere I look at home, that SONY word is on it )
  5. Care to recommend a shrink then? In central london area would be good.
  6. Oh dear... got a confession to make; I'm a sucker for Sony products I think my whole life revolves around them: 3 MD/HiMD units 1 MDLP bookshelf mini hifi 1 Vaio pocket MP3 player 1 PS2 2 PS1 1 PSP 1 MDLP Car Stereo 1 W800i mobile 1 K750i mobile 1 Clie PDA 1 VAIO SZ laptop with 1 VAIO mouse 1 Bedroom clock 30 (maybe more) recordable MDs 5 2G MS Duo cards 2 Cybershot cameras Ok... I'm doomed.
  7. Why couldnt you just use windows media player to convert it to MP3, then SS should handle it fine... why bother ripping to audio CD?
  8. Arctic Monkeys ATRAC3 132kbps on my VGF-AP1L
  9. Sorry to hear about what happened. The biggest question you should ask yourself of course is, would you still want to use it after dropping it in the toilet?
  10. Wow markey, FACT is old but gold EDM! I love Disc 2!
  11. I know this may be silly, but are you using the preloaded Sonicstage on your Vaio PC or did you upgrade to the latest 4.3?
  12. Well, Connect is officially "almost" dead ... and if you do go for SS4.3, then it should be nothing to worry about.
  13. Well, I'm unsure about what kind of videos the NW-A808 plays... if its the same format as the PSP, then you can use PSP Convertor. As for pictures... errr... just drag & drop jpegs
  14. Hmm.... may I ask what you use image converter for? I also got this when I got my PSP but I've yet to find an application for this. You can use many other tools besides this crappy software.
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