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  1. Hiro

    new SACD blog

    Yep, Universal Japan has just announced 20 new SHM-SACD titles (The Who, Steely Dan, The Velvet Underground, Sarah Vaughan, etc)! Hopefully we'll soon see some Blu-spec SACD's from SONY MUSIC http://www.cdbanq.com/NEWS-Japan-LTD-SHM-SACD-Collection-2010623-Release_df_144.html
  2. Hiro

    new SACD blog

    Good news Sony has announced 10 new SACD/BD players http://ps3sacd.com/news.html#_20100107
  3. Hiro

    School me on SACD?

    If you are interested in the format I would suggest checking any of the below websites: http://sa-cd.net/home http://puresuperaudio.blogspot.com/ http://ps3sacd.com/
  4. Hiro

    new SACD blog

    another one... http://sacdlives.blogspot.com/
  5. Hiro

    new SACD blog

    Hello, If anyone's interested here's the link to a new blog dedicated to Hybrid SACD format: http://puresuperaudio.blogspot.com/ Best Regards Hiro
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