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  1. hope so man asia is slow on those flash base mp3 from sony hope they comes out more colors for asia doh dunno why i see UK got more colors then us and US too and i saw its got quite good sale from its E500 and A600 series too some out of stock too allthought i dont see them or any users on the roads hanging around their neck like they do with their ipod but i do see a gal with a sony HD5 RED color doh wow its looks soo unique among those white white ipods and i thought i seen a new breed of mp3 but actualy is was a sony HD5 and i was drooling
  2. yea but in asia still maintains at super expensive fore the 2GB
  3. i think atraclife post one before lastime try to google but in vain
  4. cool thx btw i went to compare E508 and A608 the FM wise seems like A608 donthave DX or local setting and strange its auto seacrh the FM stations more sensitive and got more stereo effect compare to E500 series with DX and local setting anyone tested one on your local shops?
  5. looks like a spoilt set get it replace asap from the shop u brought its from
  6. oh i missed that hmm i think maybe tat is it the special edit got the xmas amina but the one i saw donthave
  7. btw who got this a608 version? or its only this limited / special edition got it? i fround out asia version of a608 2GB purple color OLED got the flower animation too
  8. yea a608 2GB is just out in asia and price still expensive was hoping it slashed $$$ soon
  9. in asia the price of E500 series has drops since last year but A608 is just out in asia so i doubt they will slash its price that soon? but i still hope they will slash it ehhe to me i dont mind to get e507 too as its price has lowered at my area but i wlll get 1GB at least but a608 2GB price is kinda like omg 100bucks extra just for err 1GB more compare to e500 1GB version too even e500 is USB1.1 but just got to wait longer for transfer
  10. ooh didnt read manual ehhe not a bookworm chap ehe i am a test and listurn person first ehhe so if from what u mentioned above LOCAL setting seems like mono? and DX is kinda like stereo? maybe
  11. thx for the reply but seem to me its dont display u under stereo or mono either btw anyone knows whats does the local and dX settingfor FM means? i was testing the asia set but dont seems to works or any effect
  12. so we can take out he old exisiting one and replace with a new one ?
  13. btw those display animation can only install only 1 files?
  14. madleet3

    The Bean, no more.

    flash base seem more popluer at asia too but never seen bean around althought i seen HD5 user out of 1 to 10 only but its sure looks unique among all the ipoddy fanizite around
  15. madleet3

    The Bean, no more.

    in ASia still got alot of them even A600 and A1k and A3k is just out here too
  16. its seem to me actually or its depends on FM stations?
  17. anyone tested? its seems to be pure mono rather then pure stereo as i test and compare to a SOny FM tuner too usin the same earphone and same FM channel on top of it E500 and a600 series dont have a stereo and mono swtich or display makes me wonder if its mono only
  18. btw those u use e500 and A600 seires FM do u notice its kinda mono in music?
  19. aww was looking for more of it anyone care to share?
  20. btw is there anyother online merchant tat sells the limited ed of this e600 series?
  21. i checked atraclife Download section but no programs or files on e500 displays files? is there? thx
  22. i am picky actually i am on a good earphone too and i find its got some diff from HD5 and SOny e500 series its feels more riched but maybe the source of the e500 when i tested is not as high Quality but its got some 1-2% diff as i tested on both high Quality atrac and same songs too HD5 sound quality feels more robust and great toobad SOny dont come out FM on its HD5 or the A series if not i dontmind to fork out cash for it too
  23. btw i comparred to HD5 and i finds the atrac quality is better on its compare to E500 series how come? is it of its size and better hardwares?
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