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  1. There is no solution to the low volume issue,..as Sony most likely locked the service menu on all models nowadays. And all the EU models have the volume limit firmly in place - no link to a AVLS setting will help I'm afraid as it has NOTHING to do with that feature. That link to it above is a Sony service rep blowing smoke up peoples butts. Currently there is no solution EXCEPT to purchase a non-volume restricted model. I would know,...I own/ed both EU and USA models. The USA models are quite loud.
  2. No line out in the settings, but this is a line out for the Sony players (I use one myself in the car): http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-L5-Line-Cable-Walkman/dp/B003UCI2CI
  3. All Sony mp3 players pretty much have the same SQ, just somewhat different build qualities & screens. Buy ANY Sony and be confident that you'll get excellent SQ.
  4. C/O CNET: http://news.cnet.com.../?tag=cnetRiver
  5. We're getting a nice new Sony A Series Walkman here in the USA - where's the front page news article people???
  6. ARRGH!!! Still no 64gb luv for us in the USA!!! Sony, really, WTH!!!
  7. As always, no 32gb for North America,...***sigh***
  8. tds101

    Sony NWZ-E443

    Sorry to say, but the firmware you have is all you'll be able to use on your Sony DAP. Go to anythingbutipod.com and check out the Sony section of the forums, since this is more fully discussed there.
  9. Again, I wait and wait for Sony to release a 64gb Walkman in the USA - I bought an iPod classic instead. Really, WTH is Sony thinking??? There's so many in the USA that would buy a HC Walkman and make Sony #1 again. Sony is doing the same stupid thing they always do, shooting themselves in the foot.
  10. Sonic Stage in the USA - I'd love it. Now bring us gapless on the Sony Walkman line and it'll bring Sony back to #1 IMO.
  11. Use either the Sony Media Go app, or try Media Monkey - both work perfectly w/the Sony X Series, or any of the newer Sony NWZ Walkman models.
  12. I'd go with the 64gb A Series over a 64gb X Series any day. If Sony released a 64gb S63X Series player it would be perfect tho, as my S639 is the perfect Sony IMO. The S639 is one of my all time favs. My oldest son is using it ATM, and he better give it back in the same condition.
  13. The new A Series offers capacity - which is what most of us have been asking for all along. Plus I'm not a fan of Sony's implementation of the "pause" on the X series, as the screen would always go on every time I pressed a control - made the battery life not too spectacular. And I also prefer tactile controls, and the upcoming A Series is TACTILE. As for slacker, I have that on my Android phone, totally useless without wifi on the X Series IMO - just filler. Besides, if you'd read my first post in this thread, you'd know why I want the new A Series.
  14. I own the S639 (16gb), I sold my X-1061 32gb, I want a 64g Sony DAP w/tactile controls & a native English menu - 16gb is not an option.
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