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  1. Folks Can anyone please enlighten me on how to install voidMP3FM? I have followed the instructions below to no avail :-( http://www.drvoid.com/ I've deleted all existing files and directories i.e. the folder OMGAUDIO. I've downloaded the file voidMP3FM-1.10.exe to my Sony NWE005 and double-clicked on it to install to the Walkman, over-writing any existing files. I've run voidMP3FM.exe and a Windows Explorer type window does open but dragging and dropping to either pane doesn't work (X out)? I've tried for both single MP3s and folders containing multiple files? Also this diagram mentions a Save button and I have an upload button in it's place which momentarily flashes a progress taskbar when clicked on but nothing else. http://www.drvoid.com/voidmp3fm.gif Can anyone help please?
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