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  1. cheers guys . i thought ther may have been a set standard. ill have to have a ply around thanks again
  2. if i transfer my albums onto my nwa806 as standard mp3 i get only 25 albums on but ive just got 25 albums on with still 3gb of space left using atrac 64 kb . what bitrate would you recommend or is the most commonly use bitrate on here . thanks
  3. im getting an message saying (Cannot find the music files for the transfer.) when transering at 64kbs atrac. but if i transfer as mp3 its ok . why is that and whats the problem as is a pain when i set it of doing a batch transfer and go out ? thanks
  4. can someone tell me is there any other software for the nw-a806 please i cant even drag cover art into sonicstage no more so any decent alternative wil be apreciated . thanks
  5. ok can someone help out here i used to be on windows xp and when using sonicstage 4.3 i could drag folders from my pc to the library no problem. no im on vista and cant drag and drop a single mp3 anyone know what going wrong or what i could be doing wrong ? thanks
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