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  1. Hi, I very much apprechiate ml_sony (it works for since some hours). My suggestion is to setup a Wiki at sourceforge where users can add a matrix: device/ winamp version/ ml_sony version or do other stuff. Just a suggestion. On my sourceforgeproject (C++SCPIP) is a wiki but no traffic Fabian
  2. It now works for me! I installed 1.03 with Winamp 5,33 and it worked with the two files. Then I switched back to 1.04 and it still works. No idea what was happening. I might have done a mistake but I'm a software developer and ought to know what I'm doing. Congratulations. Why don't U try http://nwe00xmp3man.sourceforge.net/ ? It's a jar file that resided on the device and should work on Linux. It is not that cool as ml_sony but might be better then doing virtual stuff.
  3. Hi, I just reinstalled my Laptop with XP and this time don't want this SS crap and was very happy to find ml_sony!! I formated my player and created the directory and file but there is neither the Device tab nor in Sen-To my player. I checked this with ml_sony 1.04 and winamp 5.35 and 5.33 (it was hard to find 5.33, I had to google for the modified file name and found it this way on google). I even extracted the dll with another packer into the plugin directory. Any help is very much apprechiated!! Fabian
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