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  1. Yes, that's right. I put the Temp folder, etc... The problem, it is that I have make this manipulation manually right before clicking "Next" so that Key does it him same. It is that which has me broke the trick... I copied the files of the reader from the PC and I charged them in the library of Sonic Stage but it is not able to read them and with the transfere in the reader
  2. Hi First, i'm french and my english isn't very good. I've used Google Translator. I have Hd-5 and yesterday I had the idea to use software GYM 1.12 . I make the manipulation for Key but has small a problem towards the end of the manipulation. My file "OMGAUDIO" always exists and I have it famous because it was in "OMGAUDIO backup". It always makes 10 Go like front. And my big problem comes! I disconnect the reader but all my mp3 disappeared?! How it occurred?! Help me please
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