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  1. Well yes i understand what your saying, i havent used ATRAC yet, i find the SS software to be slow and awkward to use, very confusing, but basically, Sony could offer a firmware upgrade for us NW-A series users, so we have the Choice to do it or not, But with that said, i understand your point and Sonys point on it, it just seems a little biased to us NW-A users
  2. I know this may have been discussed before, but im not too good when it comes to searching keywords to get what im looking for, never have lol But i maybe a little slow, but these are virtually the same players, yet one uses SS and one doesnt....now what exactly was the point of sony doing that? Now if the guy in the Sony Centre had told me there was a version that didnt need SS i would of gone with that one, but he said this was the only type. So if these are indeed the same players, and virtually the same, why on earth have sony done this, i personally cant see the point in it, and probably many of you cant either, its basically shooting all NW-A8xx users in the back, while releasing virtually the same player, but without SS. Im only thinking out loud. If they are indeed the same players, and virtually the same, would it not have been easier for Sony, to release a Firmware upgrade that allowed it to be Drag and Drop, or an option to get the player reconfigured or whatever, instead of shooting us all in the back.. The reason i was alerted to this, i was complaining about SS not working as it should, crashing every 5 mins, not working with custom visual styles (hardly their fault) and i was plainly told that there was a version that didnt need SS...what a complete mess. Edit/ And to kick it off, there really isnt much in the way of alternatives either, or none that ive come across anyway \Edit Rant over, and again if this has been covered else where, please delete/lock thread, and point me to the current/past discussion - Thanks.
  3. well thats done it for me then, clear hard case ordered, i almost dropped while getting out of the car this afternoon, my god, my heart felt like it was gonna stop lol.
  4. Hmm just spotted this on Ebay, it looks like the perfect thing, comes with a belt clip, shoulder strap , lanyard, my only problem is, i have no idea what the quality of the stuff is, anyone here know?Click Here
  5. does it bulk up the player, so at least in my pocket i can actually feel it, ive got some jeans with deep pockets and i keep forgetting its there, and its almost been in the washing machine twice, but i remembered at the last minute
  6. eeek thats expensive in argos, ill have a look on ebay, but theres alot of "no-name" things about, and you dont know what sort of quality your getting
  7. basically as title, looking for a case for it, something with a clip maybe, or just something that will protect the body and screen from damage in my pocket
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