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    Hey Otiasj thanks for the support! I've uploaded a .zip file that contains both log1.txt and log2.txt as well as the 04CNTINF.DAT that was created. I killed the process of libtester2 as soon as I could to keep the file from growing too large. Even doing that the file was already 140MB, although it compressed down to around 600KB when zipped. You can download the .zip here. Thanks for looking into this and for you much appreciated continued development on ML_SONY! If you're still looking for beta testers I'm more than willing to help. I own an NW-A1000.
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    Hrmmmm... Every time I run libtester2 the 04CNTINF.DAT file just keeps growing and growing until my local drive runs out of space!
  3. Same problem for me. It's the 04CNTINF.DAT file that takes up all the space.
  4. Hey otiasj, just curious if ML_SONY was still under development? The alpha version that's out now is so close to being perfect, it just needs a few touch ups and bug fixes and it would be a reliable 100% replacement for sonic stage. The unicod/bad character issue I mentioned before can make it a deal breaker since a lot of music won't load onto the player, and if it does, you can't get it back off. SWEX is able to transfer those very songs that screw up ML_SONY, it just does some character replacement during import/export. Regardless if the project is being developed or not, thanks a ton for working on it! It's come in handy many a time! Ciao, ltmayonnaise
  5. After going through all the threads here, specifically the original ML_SONY thread (http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showforum=24) I've noticed that all the discussion has turned to SWEX. I really like SWEX, but would like to have a place to continue the discussion about ML_SONY as well. Hence this thread... Just thought I'd start off by mentioning that ML_SONY 1.0.3 rules! It works great, but after putting it through it's paces on a month long trip, uploading and downloading music from friends several times I ended up with a bit of a disaster on my NW-A1000 player. Bug Report: Winamp crashed several times during different transfer operations. Eventually I ended up with a database on my player that had seriously mistagged music. Songs in the wrong album, gibberish in the genre field, misnamed tracks, etc. The music still played, but it was a mess to sort it all out when I got back home. Possible Cause: I can trace it back to one thing in particular. Illegal characters in Windows (eg. * or ?). If the tracks have illegal characters in their ID3 tags, when uploaded or downloaded they cause Winamp/ML_Sony to crash. This crashing happened so many times that I'm pretty sure it's what corrupted my database. Ideas: My suggestion would be to run a regular expression against each tracks ID3 tag before a transfer is made and replace or eliminate any illegal characters. I have a feeling this would eliminate a huge number of crashes, at least the type I've been encountering. I also had a lot of problems w/ ID3 tags for music with foreign characters, Spanish characters in this case. Unicode support could help here I'm guessing. Just a few thoughts. Is anyone else experiencing this type of crash? Thanks again to the developers working on ML_SONY! You're making my player actually worth owning Ciao, ltmayonnaise
  6. Hey Antoine, yeah I figured out how to get GYM running on an A1000 and am pretty sure it will work for an A3000 as they're pretty much identical. You can find a GYM NW-A1000/3000 installation FAQ and everything you need here: http://www.gaugestudios.com/nwa1000/ Xispe, maybe you could post a link to these instructions for A1000/3000 owners on the new GYM site? It looks great by the way, ya beat me to it Also, GYM 1.12 works like a charm on my A1000. Thanks!
  7. heh, I didnt mean full "skinning" support or anything like that. Just some nice looking buttons that offer some visual indication (like a rollover) that you're over the current icon. I know it's not a priority, but since I only do web based development (php/mysql/xml/etc) and havent the first clue about how to help with the actual development of the application in .net I thought i'd just help out where I could. Ciao!
  8. I tested the new GYM version as released by Vovo on my A1000 and also came up with the no dialogue box error, but only for Save All Tracks. Save Selected Track works just fine. Everything else tested just fine on a variety of mp3s that were uploaded via Connect. Reading the last post by Vovo it seems he found this error. Just wanted to confirm its existance on an A1000 as well. Sounds like it could be a big help to get working together via sourceforge, get some versioning going and a code repository so you dont end up overwriting one anothers changes! No offense, just no how it goes doing development in a team with multiple people working on the same code. I'm going to be traveling until January 1, but would love to setup a website for GYM when I get back. I could setup a forum there as well so users and developers wouldn't be mixed talking in the same thread all the time. Also, I could work on "skinning" the interface for GYM. Some visiual feedback when rolling over the interface buttons would be a nice touch to start. Thanks to all you guys who are helping in the development of GYM, this app rocks! Ciao!
  9. And thank you for developing such a kick ass application! I love my A1000, the sound quality is impeccable... but I can't stand the limitations they put on it via underdeveloped applications, DRM mania and firmware that pretty much doesn't do anything. I mean hell, the player can't even delete files itself without being connected to Sonic Stage or Connect. Argh. GYM is a step in the right direction for sure. At least now I can transfer music from my player to another machine. Backups and what not Quick question, do you intend to try and get GYM working with files that are transcoded to ATRAC/ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus and transferred to the player? I found an ATRAC3 codec here if you would like to take a look at it: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/Sony_A...Audio_Codec.htm No problem on hosting the A1000/3000 stuff for GYM. I'll continue to do it as well as experiment with GYM on my A1000 as you release new versions. Just an idea, I do a lot of web design/development and if you plan on continuing the development of GYM I'd be willing to work on a site to host it. I noticed you’re on sourceforge, that’s great! We could whip up some artwork and put a nice looking page up with GYM info, downloads and maybe a forum or whatever. You can check out some of my work here: http://www.gaugestudios.com. Let me know if you’re interested, I could probably get started at the beginning of January and of course it would be free of charge Thanks a million from all the NW users out there. ltmayonnaise
  10. I was finally able to get GYM 1.11 running on an NW-A1000! Woohoo! This probably works on an A3000 too but I have no way to test it. The only catch is that it seems to only export tracks that were transferred to the player in mp3 format. Eg. mp3 in = mp3 out. If you convert your tracks to Atrac/Atrac3/Atrac3plus while transfering them to your player it wont export them, it just creates an empty folder. I’m not sure if this is a limitation of GYM or if it because it's running on an A1000 and not on an HD5. This whole GYM installation process will only work on the A1000 using Sonic Stage to transfer the generated keys to the player (instead of MP3FileManager which wont install on A1000). But, before you scream… "Ohhhh but I wont be able to use my artist link and top 100 shuffle if I use Sonic Stage!", I was able to get it working with Connect Player after getting GYM installed with Sonic Stage. I put installation instructions along with all of the needed support files here: http://www.gaugestudios.com/nwa1000/ If someone finds some errors in the instructions, has an easier way to do this or hell, maybe this ends up working for no one but me, drop me a line at ltmayonnaise@gmail.com
  11. Ahhh my mistake. Must have misread... got all excited there for a minute. heh. Yeah connect player works fine enough for me, slugish, but it works. The reason I want to get GYM working is so I can get music OFF the A1000 after its been loaded through connect player. Sure I can just copy the mp3s over as data if I want to offload them somewhere, but thats a waste of space and I've only got 6gb to work with in the beginning!
  12. So you got it to work with your A3000? How did you get it going? Every time I try to install the mp3filemanager it doesnt find my A1000... Where can I download the installer for the mp3filemanager that you used that worked? Thanks, Nathan
  13. Just tried it with a brand new NW-A1000 and it was a no go. The problem is that the mp3filemanager v2 is not installed or used by the NW-A1000 by default, and when I downloaded and tried to install the mp3filemanager it said that no compatible device was found and the install failed. Nothing was installed/updated on my A1000. The mp3filemanager I tried to install was found here: http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DNA/Downlo...&f=MP3FM20&l=en So... I found the cache where the installer dumped mp3filemanager.exe and its supporting files and manually copied them to a newly created MP3FM folder in the root directory of my A1000. Now I tried running the GYM installer which found my A1000 and said mp3filemanager was installed. Yay I thought! I went through the process outlined in the original forum post and got to the point where I was supposed to use the mp3filemanager to copy the generated keys from the GYM tmp folder to the A1000. This failed, saying the transfer was interrupted. I think the problem here is that although GYM could detect the mp3filemanager on the A1000, the mp3filemanager does not actually work with the device. So, unless there is another way to copy these GYM generated keys to the A1000, I think A1000 and maybe A3000 users are out of luck right now. One thing, can somebody who has gotten this running tell me where the mp3filemanager actually copies files to on there player? Like what is the folder where the copied keys end up. Hope this helps out! Nathan
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