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  1. rome

    NW-A808 and Sonicstage

    LG1, could you point me to some tutorial on how vaio music transfer works? what is a OMG folder? (sorry complete nub here...)
  2. rome

    NW-A808 and Sonicstage

    Do i need to install anything on my player? or will it work if it is just restored to factory settings?
  3. rome

    NW-A808 and Sonicstage

    *If this has already been posted somewhere please let me know, but I have looked all over and am getting all sorts of different answers for my question. Ok, So I have the NW-a808 and I hate sonicstage. Can anyone outline for me how I can manage my player without sonicstage? I have read about the mp3 file manager but am not sure how to install it on my player and on my computer. I am running vista if that matters at all. Thank you!
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