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  1. Standard Edition Version 3.1
  2. I only have 1(mp2), check the the pic.
  3. ok thanks cc@mp0s.cl @ GusG, i will try both ways.
  4. But NW-A806 doesn't play AVI format
  5. I downloaded a Video from youtube with the format ".flv" then converted it to ".3gp", when i try to import it to the library using SonicStage the fowllowing error appears: SonicStage does not support this file format. C:\Program Files\Aimersoft\3GP Video Converter\Output\********.3gp Do i have to change the framerate or video codec or any setting while converting?? i will put the link of the .flv file, if someone can download and convert it the right way so it can be imported in the library and played on my NW-A806 i will be very very thankful. Youtube Video link: Download the Video using: www.youtubecatcher.com
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