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  1. Mike45450

    Help On my NW-A806!

    Try formatting it again...when you format it should create the necessary folders it needs. But here's the root folder of my A818, should be pretty much the same (te Albums folder was created for the album art when I transferred my songs via Windows Media Player). http://img162.imageshack.us/img162/2435/a818rootha9.jpg
  2. I've had an A818 for over a year now, and while it's a fantastic device and still works fine there just isn't enough space, and since there are lots of offers for 16GB players I figured i'd start looking at upgrading. However there are now a bunch of models that are all ever so slightly different that it's hard to tell what exactly is different about them. From what I gather... -A series has bluetooth/wireless headphones, but no radio and relatively lower battery life -E series has a longer battery life (46 hours or something?) and it has a radio, but it's made of plastic -S series has a decent battery life (40-ish) and also has a radio, and it's made of aluminium Not sure if they're entirely true, but any info shedding some light on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know where I could get a suitable earphone extension replacement for my A818 (by suitable I mean not 3M long, just similar to the one that comes with the A818) within the UK? A small slit has opened near the base of the cord, and now it won't work properly. Thankfully it was just the extension though, and not the actual earphones (otherwise i'd be really upset. They're real nice earphones!).
  4. The way I made my playlists was to just right click the folder, and there should be a 'create playlist' option. The downside is that you can't have one song in multiple playlists, unless you duplicate the file to the different folder.
  5. Does anyone know of a USB-to-AC adapter I can plug into the wall to charge my A818 which is available to purchase/ship to the UK? I'm sick of having to leave the computer on just to charge it up.
  6. Mike45450

    NWZ A81* playlists

    Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to create a playlist without using duplicate files on the NWZ A818? The way I have my music laid out is as follows: MUSIC --(Artists in seperate folders) ----(their albums in seperate folders) I made my playlists by just right clicking on an artist folder and choosing "create playlist", leaving me with a .pla playlist of all their songs. But I want to make a playlist made up of songs from different artists, so this method won't work. The only other way I can think of is making a seperate folder and copying the files that I want into it, and then creating a playlist from that new folder, but that'd mean I have duplicate files, and wastes space.
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