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  1. I gave my girlfriend the silverbox version, so she got the exclusive protective cover... It seems to be a hard plastic that's just flexible enough to "snap" on. My blackbox version comes with the standard "velcroe/soft-plastic" carrying case, which I don't use because I keep my player alone in my inside jacket pocket all the time. Great, thanks for taking the plunge so I didn't have to. I always try and wait and read experiences before flashing new firmwares...
  2. If that's you that won that, All I can say is WOW ... Nice deal you got yourself there.
  3. The bass is not as powerfull as canal buds, nor is it as powerfull as some other ear buds (non-canal), so I guess you could say that the bass suffers from the fact that they are not canal buds, but since the quality is top notch, they can easily handle anything you want to set up in your equilizer / bass<->treble levels without being washy in the bass or too piercing in the treble. Everything is always tight and very clear. I know there's no way to define this, but they always just sound "correct" no matter what you throw at them. At least thats my impression...
  4. Thanks for the review! I'm curious, what is the frequency range for the radio on your canadian version NW-A608?
  5. Yeah, I don't mean that I'm worried about breaking the unit, I'm sure the firmware is compatible... I'm worried because the SI edtition is the only one that has different built-in software from all the other NW-A608's available (the special display screens). I'm worried that if I install the standard firmware, I'll get the standard display screens too.
  6. I haven't tried it yet, I'm gonna ask someone from sony before I update the firmware, because in the advanced setting -> info area it lists my model number as NW-A608SI and on the firmware update website it says that the affected units are NW-A605/A607/A608 I know it would probably work to update, but I don't wanna loose my special display screens. So first I need to talk to someone in sony to see if this would be overwritten. Also, recalling the PSP firmware updates, I'm gonna wait awhile and see what little "limitations" they might have included in this firmware along with the added features before I abandon my firmware 1.00
  7. Here's a link to an imitation of the limited addition snow animation: http://www.sonymatome.com/walkman/index.ph...%DD%B4%C9%B8%CB it's from this page: http://www.sonymatome.com/walkman/index.ph...%DD%B4%C9%B8%CB This animation seems to be the same as the one on my special edition player, except on mine, during certain times the animation changes to have a christmas tree and santa clause's sled in the background of the falling snow. I haven't tested to figure out if this only happens at night, or only when the date is set near christmas... I'll see if it happens again later tonight, and if it doesn't I'll play around with the date settings some...
  8. I got my girlfriend a NW-A608SI for Christmas, and I think she sort of knew what she was getting, because it was a pair set, and for Christmas she gave me these exquisite ATH-CM7Ti earphones for my present. These babies sound better than any other earphones I have listened to before, and even better than some headphones. Some would say that the frequency response of 10 – 45,000Hz is overkill, but I can really hear the difference from those other phones. (I know it’s supposed to be beyond the range of normal human hearing (20 - 20,000Hz), but last time I was at the ear doctor’s they checked me with that ‘beep -> raise your hand’ machine and I could hear very clearly all that the machine could offer (up to 25,000Hz I think) The extension of the base is great too, it makes bass instruments sound more like the real thing and less like just “BASS” An analogy for how the added frequency range makes the music “feel” might be like the lighting in the environment you view a painting. The painting may remain the same, but in perfect white lighting, all the frequency ranges of colors are balanced perfectly and the painting can be viewed in its full detail. Some may complain that there isn’t enough bass in these earphones, but that’s because of its nice and smooth neutral response to all the frequency ranges. In actuality, these things can stand up to almost anything you can throw at them. Turning the volume up very high doesn’t cause any distortion at all. So this means that if you want to set up your equalizer to exaggerate certain frequency ranges, like bass for example, these phones can handle it with grace becoming super bassy little beasts with great definition and without any distortion. (Right now I’m listening to Utada Hikaru’s “Shiawase ni Narou” which features big punchy and heavy bass and soft and delicate piano. Focusing on the piano sound as I listen, it doesn’t receive any distortion from the bass, even though it’s quiet it comes through clearly.) As far as comfort goes, the earphones are a lot more comfortable than I thought they would be when I saw them in the picture. They don’t appear to be very ergonomic when you look at them, but the fit very well, snug without being too tight. If I have any complaint about the ergonomics, it’s that the wire it comes with is too short, but the included extension makes it too long. (It’s like 10cm too short to go from ear to pants pocket, then the extension adds like another meter, so it’s 90cm too long) Aesthetically I’m extremely pleased, rarely do I run into a product where I wouldn’t change anything in the design appearance, and to me these are perfect. You can judge for yourself from the pictures though. Summary: +Sound Quality is AMAZING (I prefer these to my old headphones) +Design is perfect +Comfortable -Cord lengths are not quite right If you are looking to buy these, I recommend you go someplace that lets you audition and listen to phones before you pick them. I listened to more than 20 pairs of earphones that were open for audition at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, Tokyo before I told my girlfriend that I thought these were the best. These are pretty expensive, so listen before you buy. For me it was obvious that these were the best, but everyone’s ears are unique… Here are the pictures I took: As always, I'm open to requests for more pictures of anything else you want to see
  9. I don't know if it's possible to download the built in animations... I think thats why sony actually had to "release" the built in animations from the NW-E50x series awhile back. So basically, I can't get at them. Although if you follow the link to the Readymade screens for the 4/5/600 series in Stuge's post above, there is an imitation of the snow falling animation available to download there. I've checked and it's almost the same (mine has another version with a chirstmas tree and santa sled flying across) On another note, i've tested and found that when going direct from CD -> ATRAC -> NW-A608 (Using Sonic Stage 3.3) Gapless music play DOES work properly.
  10. That one is built in... the animation has it "growing up" and blooming, my digital camera won't focus close enough in video mode to take a video of it though... sorry. Maybe later I'll use my DV cam, but my computer's not set up now to interface with DV, so that would take some time. Oh, and yes as you noted, it is possible to use the NW-E40x/NW-E50x .nwm screensaver files on the NW-608
  11. The radio works great here in Japan, the auto preset found 4 channels that are very crisp and clear, there are a few more channels that can be found manually, but they don't come in as well. I've added some pictures with screen on... I'm updating my main post to include them (EDIT) Oh, I think by "where you live" you ment outside of Japan. Well, the radio FM tuner only goes up to 90 mHz so, outside Japan you might not be able to get much. There's always the very slight chance that you could by a Japanese model and flash it with something like the Canadian firmware to change the radio tuner settings, but in all likelyhood that would break your player. I would recommend buying the Canadian version (even if you live in the US because I don't think they are gonna sell the NW-608's in the US) Also it doesn't do AM radio, so most US talk radio is out.
  12. I have tested and can confirm that these nwm files work on my NW-608, (it's the SI version but I don't think that would make a difference) so you could probably update the thread subject to note support on NW-A60*
  13. I'll try to do that as soon as I can, but it's hard to have it out and charging when my girlfriend hasn't seen hers yet, and she won't get to until Christmas... She's not here now, and I'm charging it though, hopefully it will be enough before she gets back
  14. I happened to be spending this winter in Japan, and I happened to be spending it with my girlfriend, and I happened to be in the market for a NW-608, and my girlfriend happened to want one too. Lucky me, I'm in that rare position to actually buy this special edition package. It arrived today so I took some pictures to share with all you guys out there on the internet. Before I bought it, I know I was really wondering what some real life pictures of this would look like. Here are the pictures I have taken so far: It came inside 4 boxes picture without flash picture with flash could be used as a mirror brushed aluminum pictures with the screen on: After Christmas when my girlfriend opens her NW-608SI and we hook 'em up to the computer I'll show what the screen looks like. If anyone has any requests for pictures of any certain part or in any certain environment don't be afraid to ask. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and Merry Christmas everyone!
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