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  1. i didn;t think my player could play mp3s... was told it would only handle atrac. Would i lose any sound quality compressing an mp3 still further? think i'll stick to mp3s for now, but if my music collection outgrows 20 gig then i'll think about going atrac. So really all i need to know is how to wipe my walkman but have it recognisable to ML_Sony in WinAmp...
  2. got tapped on the back, turned round and smacked in the face - read all about it on my other forum if you like - i posted a blow-by-blow account... http://www.londonfgss.com/thread3734.html As for the transfer have been making some progress... Wiped the whole player, and it wasn;t recognised by WinAmp. If I use SS to add a tune on it IS reconginsed by WinAmp, so i transfer songs over but these are not playable - read this is because ML_Sony isn;t compatible with SonicStage. So I wiped the player again, created a directory called OMGAUDIO and then tried to do this from the FAQ: 3) Create a file named "04CNTINF.DAT" in this directory Did this with notepad. Still doesn't work though as the NW-HD5 it isn't recognised by WinAmp... any suggestions?
  3. Hi Forum Apologies for the n00b questions - i've been searching through threads and think i may have found answers to my questions but just wanted to check with the pros. Espcially on what order to do things. Just got mugged and had my ipod nicked last week (that's London baby!), but one of my mates has given me her old NW-HD5 and it looks really cool. Only problem with it is it has all her music on it - she's kind but has no musical taste! So. All my music is in iTunes (mostly ripped from CD - a few downloads from iTunes so i'm jsut gonna have to forget about them i suppose). I've downloaded WinAmp cos i want to control my files from there as sonicstage is so awful by all accounts. And I've set up all my tunes in there. Just checking this is what I need to do: 1 - convert all my MP3s etc to ATRAC (just started trting this through SS. how long is it gonna TAKE to convert 20 gigs of yunes? My whole life?!? any shortcuts?) 2 - INstall an ATRAC and ML_Sony plugin into WinAmp And that should be it shouldn't it? Should have a nice WinAamp interface for my very cool new NW-HD5? Many thanks in advance Mongrel
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