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  1. Needless to say I don't have a back up, however I DO keep all the MP3's of the Atrac files. I copy them so one get's deleted and the other sticks. I mean it's technically not a big loss, I have all the mixes, mp3's and cd's still with me in my cabinet and on my computer. I JUST did back up all my sonicstage atrac files anyway before i uninstall anything - I haven't lost anything as of yet. To be quite frank im going to only use sonicstage as a transfer tool from now on, and use windows media for listening etc. I have all the atrac files of the music on my mp3 so if anything goes wrong with that I can just put them back on again a new player or my existing one. Just a nuisance more than anything, really.
  2. So you probably get these kind of people all the time, posting 1 post to get some help for the problem they have. I have had Sonicstage for well over 3 years now, and quite clearly it has been working alright for me ;] Been only this week I have run into a problem and im sat here in the early hours trying to solve it desperately as an avid music fan who needs their quick fix to transfer new music. Everytime I open Sonicstage on my laptop it exclaims "Windows has encountered a problem" & automatically closes again, and this happens everytime, in which appeared to happen out of the blue 2 days ago - not working ever since. This deeply concerns me, I have music to transfer, I have a library of over 6500 songs, and the only advice I got was to uninstall it, lose your music & start again. Clearly, I can't take this option - this collection is too worthy to lose and Im in need of help! I know you get these posts all the time, but this looks like the place to ask after hours of searching to 'Sonicstage alternatives' in google. You lot are in the know about GYM etc and what to do & what not to do - help/feedback would be greatly appreciated in relation to my situation ASAP as I need it working! _D
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