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  1. i am sorry for not searching properly for the solution here. problem solved big thanks to member torpedo. here is the link to the solution. OmgjBox.exe encountered error when transfering tracks
  2. New here. i read the FAQ on the installation of Sonicstage 4.3 in the forums. Had a successful installation after multiple attempts. The problem occurs when i connect my nw-a3000 with ver. 3.00 firmware installed. sonicstage have to be closed and an error message pops out saying omgjbox.exe encountered a problem. and another error pops out saying "The instruction at "0x7c168f1d" referenced memory at "0x0000001c". the memory could noy be read. Click ok to terminate program. before this. sonicstage made me initialize my disk on nw-a3000 to be compatible with it. now there is no songs on my player.. frustrated....
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