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  1. Sorry for asking, but could other A1000 / A3000 users tell me if using GYM1.2b they can transfer the crack*.mp3 to their player using Connect ? I can't do it and was wondering if I was alone in this situation... Thanx
  2. Chris, Did you start from scratch with an empty A3000, or did you get GYM/SS to work with tunes already in the A3000 without loosing them ?
  3. Did you get the same feedback from another user ? or is it just from my experience ? because it is very possible that I'm doing something wrong somewhere and that somebody else suceded in transfring the cracks.
  4. This s getting lke a multi-threaded thread !! About GYM and Connect on the A1000, bad news. Still same problem with only the first crack getting transfered. I tried to start with crack6.mp3 to see whether it was only crack1.mp3 or the first one. It is the first one to get transfered to remain the only one. So in the library on the A1000, I have crack6.mp3, plus 2 other "normal" mp3 that I transfered to check that everything was working fine with the transfer. I tried to play with the attributes of another crack (changed artist / album / year...) but it made no difference. Sorry for the bad news...
  5. Hi I tried your 1.2a beta. I still have the same problem in connect. I checked and the files have different Titles (same artist/album/album artist but it happens with other mp3s). Still, it is only crack1.mp3 which gets transfered. Thanks for your help
  6. Hi I'm trying the latest version of GYM with my A1000. I launched the wizard and all goes fine, the A1000 is found (even though I don't have MP3 FileMgr), I specified 2000 tracks so the cracks*.mp3 are created on my Hard Disk. Then I launch connect, import them all in the library -> OK Then I use Connect to transfer them to the A1000 and I cannot. Connect will only transfer crack1.mp3, it refuses to transfer the others (no error message, just not doing anything...). I tried 1 by 1, 10 by 10, or the whole lot : same result. I tried with a "normal" mp3 : transfer was fine via connect. Hope this helps, thank you for the good work so far
  7. For your information, ltMayonnaise has created a tutorial to explain how to use Gym with the nwa1000/3000 series GYM with nwa1000 But I fear it means starting with a blank nwa1000, this is why I haven't tried. If you want to have a go, I'm very interested by your experience
  8. Hi all Is there any hope to have GYM working completely for the new A series (I have a nwa1000) ? I managed to have GYM view my MP3 files, but not been able to grab them back to my PC : when I installed MP3 file Mgr, it didn't "see" my nwa1000. So the GYM Keywizard doesn't work without a complete install for MP3FileMgr... Keep on the good work
  9. When I try to run Gym (the KeyWizard), it says that I need MP3 manager, as specified on the download screen. I connected to Sony to get it (folowing the ATRACLife link) although the nwa1000 is not in the compatibility list. But MP3 manager doesn't see the nwa1000, and the GYM keymaker doesn't see MP3 manager WhenI use the GYM, I can see the tracks, but not extract them
  10. Thank you for your answer. Shall I understand that there is no way to get the MP3s from the nwa1000 back on my PC ? Or maybe I should find a way to extract them from the OMA files ?
  11. I'm sure they ask to backup only for security reasons and that the songs will be fine. No, I don't have them on PC AND on NWA1000. I use it as a hard disk as well so it is stored on it... I connected through the windows explorer and all files are .OMA. I think it is the Atrac extension, but I am sidapointed as I though the MP3 was as native support and that there was no trans-coding. It seems that if I want to backup, I have to copy all OMA tracks (and keep them as Sony proprietry OMA instead of standard multiuse MP3) ! If you have a better way, please express yourself ! Thanx
  12. Hi, I've recently purchased a NWA-1000. I want to upgrade its firmware to the new version (with WMA support) but they specify that you have to transfer all songs from NWA1000 to PC (which is sensible in case of a problem). I don't know how to do that with connect. I can tranfer from PC to NWA, but not the other way round. Can somebody help ? Thanks a lot D.
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