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  1. yea i could try one more time altought ive tried like 10 times anyways somebody knows the correct format for my walkman im thinking maybe i could reformat it with explorer but pick the correct setting
  2. yeap i did format it with explorer and i did write that up there and yes i have reset it and format it from the players settings but still problem. im guessing that the format messed up the hardrive or something
  3. Hey, guys. My Sony walkman player NW-S705F (2 gb) was on a format that I don't quite remember now... I dont remember if it wasn't FAT or FAT32 all i know is that is was a windows explorer format Anyway.. I tried to reformat it to do something and it didn't work for this other thing either but the thing is when i trasfer the music by sonic stage it says "Cannot transfer any more tracks. The memory of the device/media is full." when I disconnect it from the USB and try to turn it on, it displays "NO DATA!" but i think sometimes it has said "format error" too oh one more thing when i am in sonic stage i dont see any music but i went in to controls menu -> my device -> delete all tracks and it went to like 70 % and then it said this "failed to delete all tracks (error code:000066d7) What do I do /thanks for helping?
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