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  1. I was able to install it by doing the following: (you'll need an unpacking program like winrar or somthing that can extract .exe files) 1. Instead of autorun, right-click on the install cd and click explore 2. Find the folder with the sonicstage install.exe and then extract it to your hardrive, ie your desktop. 3. Find the .ini file and right-click and select "open with" notepad. 4. Should look like this: ;********************************************************* ; LISMO Port 1.0 launcher script ; Copyright 2007 Sony Corporation ; Version ;********************************************************* [initialize] fontname =FONT_NAME applicationname =APPLICATION_NAME applicationver =1.0 supportos =0xc0 language =Japanese supportoslang =Japanese <----------------------------------------------Replace "Japanese" with "English" mainsection =SdWelcome instlpver =1.0 mtdbver =3.1 uninstlp =0 supportwxpsp =2 needsysdiskspace =200 needram =192 needramvista =448 Where it says "supportoslang = Japanese" replace Japanese with English and save. 5. Now where all of the rest of your extracted files are find the .exe(the one that was extracted not the original from the install cd) Chances are you won't be able to read anything so click "a" for accept when the gibberish liscense agreement pops up and "n" for next and it should install. The program still works just fine just doesn't always display unicode characters properly.
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