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  1. Not sure, I am assuming it is the non-Japanese version.
  2. I was wondering if there is still any market for mini disc? The reason. I ask is when the mz-rh10 came out I purchased two of them thinking they might be the last model sony made. Of course it was not, so I bought the mz-rh1 and I am thinking of putting the extra mz-rh10 on ebay. That would still leave me with an rh-10, rh-1, nh900 & a n707. About the only thing ever done with the rh10 was to inbox it and make sure it works.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has a source for the NH-14WM Gumstick batteries. I have seen some on ebay such as the Vapex and some Powerstream brand. Anyone have any experience with either? I am in the US. Thanks
  4. I hated to hear this as I have just started getting back to using the mini disc equipment I had. I think I have enough discs, 40+ of the Hi MD, 20 of the 74 minute and 60+ of the 80 minute. Maybe I will pick up some more of the 80 minute discs. As far as hardware I have a MZ-707 Net MD, two of the RH10, one NH900 and a RH1 and a RMC40ELK remote. Frank
  5. tasdisr

    himd discs

    I looked on ebay and most of the Hi-MD discs I found were priced pretty high seemed like $10-12 dollars each is the going price. I have quite a few on hand so I just opted for the 80 minute premium gold which were much more reasonable.
  6. tasdisr

    himd discs

    Well I ended up ordering 20 of the Sony 80 minute premium gold minidiscs.
  7. tasdisr

    himd discs

    Thanks, I will check ebay. At least the 80 minute mini discs are available. Frank
  8. tasdisr

    himd discs

    Hi, Are the 1gb blanks still available from any vendor? Thanks Frnk
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