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  1. Thanks. It takes for me to try that. Sorry for my font size.
  2. Thanks sfbp for your kindly reply. I had already de-install the ss through Control Panel, but when I reinstall the ss ultimate, it always ask for restoring data as jpg attached. After restoring data as instructed, still I cannot install ss. It asking for restore repeatly. Please give me more advice. I love the software sonicstage very very much. When I run ss, my windows 8.1 replies "it doesn't work." One more, what's meant by "best is to install over the top"?
  3. I found that I can hardly fully uninstall sonicstage. Please tell how to uninstall my sonicstage? The programme itself has no uninstall programme. I am using windows 8.1 and my sonicstage cannot work. I had try installing the sonicstage 4.3 ultimate. It's a mess and I want to uninstall the ss, however it remains many problem. I want to know the correct procedure and files for installing ss on windows 8.1 Please help, because I had too many songs in my himd. I want to export wav onto my pc.
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