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  1. oh ok. so its just a direct relation then? i.e. halving the bit rate halves the size? thanks for the help.
  2. thanks for the quick reply.. ill experiment at certain bit rates and see what i think. i guess it comes down to personal preference. just out of interest.. how much more free space would converting all my current ATRAC files @ 128kbps (6GB) into 64kbps give me on the NW-A1000?
  3. Hey guys, just wanted some advice on something. I've had a NW-A1000 for about a year and a half now and the 6GB storage space isnt cutting it anymore. I plan to purchase a newer, larger player in the near future but for now am seeking help in finding a middle ground between quality and space saving with ATRAC. Imported into Sonicstage I have well over 5000 mp3 tracks at varying bit rates between 128-320kbps. To put them onto the NW-A1000, up until now, I've been converting to ATRAC 128kbps and finding the sound quality excellent. Just wondering how much of an impact on space and quality re-converting to ATRAC 64kbps would have? just so i can squeeze more on temporarily. Any help would be appreciated
  4. 1. it is not necessary to remove the songs to upgrade firmware 2. 1.00 > 3.00 should not be a problem hope i could help
  5. hey guys, i dont know about you, but i cant find Sonicstage CP anywhere. is my tommorow different to everyone elses? if anyone could explain this itd be great. thanks
  6. just a follow up on this one guys... i uninstalled IE 7 Beta 2, and the problem was fixed. The new IE mustve done something along the line with my connection settings. looks like microsoft havent fixed up all the problems just yet. thanks for the help stuge and JSP62
  7. yeh, all the firewalls are disabled and the ports are open (including router and XP), but CDDB worked with all firewalls on regardless. It seems to be a problem with the settings of CDDB or the proxy server.
  8. ah.. thanks JSP62, tried WMP - same internet connection problem. is there a way to fix this? when i uninstalled sonicstage im definite i got rid of all the keys and everything, so its not the problem. thanks for the help so far.
  9. hey guys, thanks for the quick response. I've already tried reinstalling completely (reg keys deleted etc.), disabling my firewall and opening ports... with no sucess. any ideas?
  10. Hi, have been using sonicstage for months now without a hitch, but recently have run into a problem that i cant quite put my finger on. Everytime I click on anything (track, album etc.) and click find track info a popup comes up informing me: There is no internet connection available (Error Code:00009caf) ...even though i have a working ADSL connection that is recognised by windows and im using at the time. can anyone help me out on this one? thanks
  11. its clearly an image thing. the majority of people who will purchase (or have purchased for them) an mp3 playing device are young adults. simple as that. they dont care about intelligent shuffle and compatibilty with ATRAC formats or anything like that... they care that the shiny new ipod they have is going to be familiar with anyone who sees the white headphones hanging out of their ears. its the i-factor that sony will not get while apple has their hands firmly around the neck of the young market.
  12. Hardware - Not sure on this one, but id say so, as the jack looks as if its standard sony ware. ive tried other remotes ive had with my nw-a1000 and they have worked well. Software - you can use sonicstage, however the artist link and other features unique to the nw-a3000 will not work. not a really bad tradeoff though considering connects track record. you will not be disappointed with the player. the nw-a series is a wonderful addition to the sony lineup and since purchasing a month ago, i have not been let down.
  13. hi, ive had a nwa1000 since december now, and i must say im loving it. the connect software isnt as bad as everyone says, however it still has a way to go before being better than sonicstage and itunes. just wondering about a few things in connect player 1. can you reset the ratings? i accidently rated one of the artists at 5 stars, leaving everyone else unrated at the default 3. i know i could just set my personal rating down to 3, but id prefer all music to be left unrated - just a preference. so is there a way to set the ratings back to default (as they werent rated at all?) 2. how long does the internet artist link take? just wondering how long it would take for all artist link information to download if i left my computer running idle. i have a 256kbps internet connection and a 3GHz P4 processor with 1GB of RAM. what exactly does it download? when i click on the more information tab for each song, should the forms be filled in? or does the internet service not do those things? also, does the artwork ever come through? sorry my questions dragged on for ages... but any help would be great. thanks.
  14. matt_com911

    nw a1000

    the nw-1000 in black is available from sonystyle europe here: http://shop.sonystyle-europe.com/SonyStyle...xternal&ss=show the price is 159 pounds (VAT inclusive). if you dont want to buy online, and wish to go to an official sony store, the price will be 135.32 pounds. im assuming they will be in stock. if you already have the format in mp3, dont bother converting to ATRAC, as the only benefit is slightly longer battery life. the disadvantage is that it tends to be a slow process, and you have two of the same file on your computer - one ATRAC and one mp3. edit: oh yeh, it does not come with a case, however the case may be purchased seperately at sonystyle, or at your local sony store.
  15. i think thats only the tip of the iceberg. to blame sony to be releasing to arguably the competitor for biggest world market - asia, is an indication of what the delay in the US is really for, and why they actually started to use the connect software in place of sonicstage. the connect software integrates into the connect store, a service only available currently in the US. The point is, if the integration with this store is not yet complete - the software will be delayed in the US. i have a feeling Sony wouldnt risk "using" Japan to see if the software works.
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