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  1. I am selling my beloved Sony Vaio Pocket, which has served me well for the last 4 years.

    As of recent, I have upgraded to a larger storage and more modern mp3 player and rather than let my VP collect dust, see if anyone is interested.

    A review can be read here:



    - Sony player

    - (2) Stands

    - Power cable

    - USB cable

    - remote

    - OVER 250 ALBUMS!!!! - genres: house, dance, chill, hip-hop, classic hip-hop, rap, rock, heavy metal, classic rock, soundtracks, video game tracks, easy listening **For a complete list, feel free to contact me**

    - loaded with all software that can transfer tracks to ANY computer. DRM cracked (GYM software)

    FOR ALL INQUIRIES PLEASE PM ME OFFERS. Pictures will be made available.


  2. Travel to the GYM software thread and review.

    GYM is software that enables you to copy mp3s back onto your harddrive.

    Before doing anything though, makes sure to backup your files!

    Your options are:

    - Get GYM and backup

    - Purchase a new Sony VP and transfer files

    - Get a new mp3 player

    I am currently in search of a new mp3 player myself and need at least 40gb and it needs to be in the most universal format possible.

  3. Most likely there is no GYM version for Mac. Support was mainly for the Windows.

    Your stuck with finding an alternative. I am affraid your S.O.L. though, because of Sony's proprietary format and low user rate of Mac users (in the past)

  4. Hi all,

    I've got my PS3 now and I'm loving it, it really is a fantastic machine - far more than just a games machine.

    The MP3 playback is great and the HD visualiser built in is wonderful.

    I can get it to see the files on my Vaio VGf-ap1l but it won't play or transfer them, has anyone managed to get this working?

    Playing and importing files from other storage is simple and works well, I haven't tried but I think if the Mp3's were placed on to the Vaio as files they would be usable by the Ps3 (But of course wouldn't be playable by the Vaio!)

    I'm pretty sure this is a "protection" issue, but I'd be glad to hear anyones thoughts.


    I agree with Ender325, I do not see an issue with playback. I would try to play music files in both ATRAC and MP3 format to see if one/both would work. And even if there was a problem, I would suspect that Sony would want to open the door for the SONY music device players to be in use with the PS3. . . just note a precaution to back up your music files. It's not surprising to see a "glitch" from time to time.

  5. as the title says, my car got borken into last nite!

    i met up with a friend for some drinks and went home for the nite. i think i had one too many glasses of wine, cause for some odd reason it came back up! =.(

    i woke this morning and got ready to visit my family and to my surprise my glove comparement was empty with papers flung around. my center console was also the same. i am guessing that i lost about $60 worth of stuff. though it could of been worse, i am still very much pissed that i was victimized. i am also more disappointed in myself cause there seems to be no sign of forced entry, which leads me to believe i left the door unlocked.

    the most valuable item taken was my REMOTE FOR MY SONY VAIO POCKET. i have no clue what they can use it for, because of the specific port to the unit houses the ear peice, but also has a connection point for the LCD remote to communicate with the player. alas i no longer have it! =(. i still have my unit which i guard closely and never leave in my car.

    what is odd is that they are other items of value that were not taken. my sub box is still in my trunk, my radar detector is also still in my car, and my stereo is untouched.

    in any event, i keep telling myself it could of been worse . . . but still . . . >=[

    PS - anyone have an extra remote and willing to sell??

  6. There really isn't a much big fan base for the Vaio Pocket these days.

    The VP is rather outdated and not too many others would venture into this avenue.

    I myself have a VP and while I would like to see these things, there are much newer and better products on the market.

  7. :wave::wave::wave:


    Euro models will not have Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer chip (EE+GS) that provides hardware-backward capability on most games. In order for Sony to accomplish backward capability they will be providing emulated programming code. :sad:

    As the saying goes "You can't make an omelette without cracking some eggs". . . . What am I exactly saying?? Decisions made today, regardless of the negativity, from Sony effect the long-term results of the net gains from PS3 sales. :clover:

    Also reference


    All in all, one could say about PlayStation 3 now that it's expensive (especially in PAL territories), it's hard to program for, it has expensive and rather lame games, it severely discriminates gamers and doesn't fulfill their expectations concerning key features. Perspectives are also bad. That is a deadly combination in gamers' world. So why would they buy a PS3?

    Couldn't say it better myself. Given a choice between something easy and something complicated . . . . Why would a programer (any game company) take a financial risk in development for PS3 titles? :excl:

    As noted by ceres, one should keep in mind Sony made a move not just for the gamer but for the general consumer (Blu-Ray)....but still :unsure:

  8. I have not been in here for so long. I remember back in the day . . . . LOL

    Shouts to Ish, Stuge, mil, pata, and anyone else I forgot.

    Just thought I would comment on the reply from flamingsam

    They have electronics, movies(Sony Pictures Entertainment), music (Sony BMG Music Entertainment), communications(Sony Ericsson), and finance solutions. Sony is worth tens of billions.

    Its one of the largest corporations in the world.

    Their not going down just because some people are not buying some mp3 players.


    - PS3 probs up the ying yang. heard a report they are losing ~300 per unit sold with cost of materials vs sell cost. ungodly expensive. short term very bad ; long term possible hold out but unlikely.

    Sony Pics

    - average. big loss on M.o.a.Geisha. was MI3 by them too?? that was a flop too.

    Sony BMG

    - huge suit. you may off heard of the rootkit lawsuit??

    Sony Ericsson

    - average. haven't seen anyone with their phones in awhile

    thats my 2 cents

  9. SF II is a nice game. Capcom has some real good games that I am sure they will be making titles for the Revolution. There are alot titles I would love to see... Metroid, Zelda, and of course Super Mario. They are classics that I love. Wouldn't it be great to see new versions of the classics? Some Excite Bike, RC Pro-Am, Punch out. This controller of Nintendo's could make things interesting for sure.

  10. 1. Do I lose my warranty if I use GYM?


    2. Is it safe to use this software (official webpage is not so "official"). I mean, bugs, crashes etc.


    3. Can I use GYM with my S202F? (I did not find proper FAQ)


    You should be fine to try, but as a precaution back up your data.

    Good Luck

  11. I have made up my mind on whether to purchase a PS3 or not. With the recent bad PR PS3 has received, the high cost, and also the availability, I have decided putting off getting one. I plan to get one once the price has gone down and also the supplies fill, but I understand this could be 1yr+. I no longer have the burning desire to go out an purchase one right away.

    Instead, I have my mind set on getting a Wii. Initial responses have been positive and the likelihood of getting my hands on one of these is much better than the PS3. Also the price, with the cost of $250 I can handle that. I also heard that the software will be upgradeable, which could be a posibility of a linux based OS.....can you say firmware mods? It is too early to know about that, but what is important is that the innovation of Nintendo's 3d controller is something new and a breath of fresh air amist the game console war. It's a happy thought that I will be able to play the next Mario, Zelda, and Metroid installment.

    So my mind is made up, how about you others? What's your train of thought.

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