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  1. I am selling my beloved Sony Vaio Pocket, which has served me well for the last 4 years. As of recent, I have upgraded to a larger storage and more modern mp3 player and rather than let my VP collect dust, see if anyone is interested. A review can be read here: http://www.siliconpopculture.com/review/92_0_2_0_M/ Included: - Sony player - (2) Stands - Power cable - USB cable - remote - OVER 250 ALBUMS!!!! - genres: house, dance, chill, hip-hop, classic hip-hop, rap, rock, heavy metal, classic rock, soundtracks, video game tracks, easy listening **For a complete list, feel free to contact
  2. Travel to the GYM software thread and review. GYM is software that enables you to copy mp3s back onto your harddrive. Before doing anything though, makes sure to backup your files! Your options are: - Get GYM and backup - Purchase a new Sony VP and transfer files - Get a new mp3 player I am currently in search of a new mp3 player myself and need at least 40gb and it needs to be in the most universal format possible.
  3. If your a developer and can get your hands on the source code, you'll be allset.
  4. Most likely there is no GYM version for Mac. Support was mainly for the Windows. Your stuck with finding an alternative. I am affraid your S.O.L. though, because of Sony's proprietary format and low user rate of Mac users (in the past)
  5. Not sure what images have to do with an mp3 software. Please elaborate
  6. Not sure how you are getting the error. I think pomj is correct, you need to have net 1.1 installed. Those of you experiencing this problem, are you on Vista?
  7. The GYM project has been discontinued. The programmer has moved on to bigger and better things. GYM is still a functioning and non-beta software. Many use it as well as myself. Highly recommend it...HIGHLY.
  8. Are you a Sony employee, ceres?? . . . (rhetorical question)
  9. I agree with Ender325, I do not see an issue with playback. I would try to play music files in both ATRAC and MP3 format to see if one/both would work. And even if there was a problem, I would suspect that Sony would want to open the door for the SONY music device players to be in use with the PS3. . . just note a precaution to back up your music files. It's not surprising to see a "glitch" from time to time.
  10. Greatly appreciated Rob A. PS - Hey do you like your NW-HD1?
  11. my car recently got broken into and my beloved remote for my vaio pocket was jacked. im in need to purchase a new LCD remote. anyone who has a extra or willing to part with theirs, please let me know. help a sony lover out!
  12. as the title says, my car got borken into last nite! i met up with a friend for some drinks and went home for the nite. i think i had one too many glasses of wine, cause for some odd reason it came back up! =.( i woke this morning and got ready to visit my family and to my surprise my glove comparement was empty with papers flung around. my center console was also the same. i am guessing that i lost about $60 worth of stuff. though it could of been worse, i am still very much pissed that i was victimized. i am also more disappointed in myself cause there seems to be no sign of forced ent
  13. Save yourself the headache and bite the bullet. As my signature says, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!
  14. JSP62

    Vaio Pocket Mods?

    There really isn't a much big fan base for the Vaio Pocket these days. The VP is rather outdated and not too many others would venture into this avenue. I myself have a VP and while I would like to see these things, there are much newer and better products on the market.
  15. Accessing info on ipod's can only be through itunes, correct? Sorry I am in no way associated with ipoos.
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