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  1. Well I did delete it all yesterday, all SSCP files and also I formated the player. It works now at least. And yes, I am using USB2.0
  2. Actually I dont have any files outside OMGaudio folder. I'll try to format my player now..=/
  3. Help! When I connect my walkman to SSCP today, the database run an update, and after 30 minutes a warning come up saying something like: "Device not recognized as intelligent atrac device, please reconnect and update the database". So i thought, screw SS, I just go along with the songs that allready is loaded on my unit. But no, "no database, no music, connect to software". So now i cant use my mp3player. What should I do? Sorry for the bad language, im from sweden Thanks in advance
  4. Yeah I know you can make it a screensaver, but still it's just there for like three seconds..it should be more.
  5. Why the calendar? I mean, I havent found any ways to use it. And both the clock and calendar are displayed for like 3 seconds then the display shuts down, so whats the point of this? (ok, the clock is okey I guess, but since it displays the date to I can't see any point in the calendar, or am I wrong?) Over and out.
  6. obsolescent_

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    Mercury In Flames I gotta say, I'm just like you! =)
  7. obsolescent_

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    I have to say that the battery should last longer than it does, after all, before this Walkman I had an Creative MuVo II 4gb. And when having the volume om maximum, a customized EQ i did get around 12 hours of battery, on this Walkman I only get around 6hours (on vol 25) and that's a bit dissapointing. Besides this, the NW-A1K is a great player.
  8. Hey, I introduced myself earlier in another thread. Okey, so here's the deal; as said in another thread I'm having problem with the battery life but besides that, I heard something about some clock in the NW-A 1/3k series, is this true? //Pjär
  9. obsolescent_

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    Hey everyone I'm new here as well, living in Sweden (so don't be too hard on my English) Anyway, I'm having the same problem with the battery, I got the NWA-1000, and when I'm having the display brightness att lowest, no EQ (none), and songs around 192kbps, I might, with a bit of luck, have a batterylife on like..5 hours. And that's way less than I expect, I mean, I understand that I won't get the 20h since I'm using 192kbps but still..it's too bad!
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