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    Come dudes, we all know the SonicStage is pretty lamme, the iTunes is the good one, but I would never trade my hd5 sony mp3 player with any iPod.
  2. RNT


    I know, and like I said, that's not what I'm looking for!!
  3. RNT


    I found this website giving one "option" for my mp3 player, but that's not what I want. http://syndetics.net/sony-hacks/sonicstage.html
  4. RNT


    Not really, I would just ask the creator of the program to change that for me, but I think will be too hard. I want something like the PSPWare 2.1.5, really amazing, easy and simple, and works with the iTunes, actuely, does not work with iTunes, but separate, but synchronize the songs with the PSP, and the PSP is atrac3, I think, could work with the nw-hd5, because the folder and stuff in the mass storage is the same, mass storage is when you connect to pc, and shows up as removable drive. This software just did not work because it not recongnizes as PSP, because actuely is not, I think is because the PSP use memory card, but could do the same with hard drive of my mp3 player. I know that, because I have one digital camera Sony, and uses the same memory key of the PSP, and that recognizes and synchronize the songs Please, is there any program like the PSPWare, made for mp3 players sony? http://www.nullriver.com/index/products/pspware.win
  5. RNT


    I think the the SonicStage and Connect are not better than the iTunes of the iMac, but I don't want a Ipod, I like the mp3 sony player, nw-hd5 much better than that. I was searching for, and I didn't find one plugin to play ATRAC3 songs in the iTunes, is anybody know one? Because, to move to the device is gonna be easy, you just the program iTunesMyPortable, http://www.itunesmyportable.com/. Please, need help, appreciate the attention
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