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  1. I've taken to checking up on this forum once a year. It's looking good, you've done a really nice job for 2006. I can't wait to see what It's like in another 12 months, I expect big things in 2007. Seriously Kurisu, the site looks good. You've really outdone yourself. So how about those admin rights I asked for in July, 05?
  2. I'm in the market to buy a really nice mini disc player or MP3 player, but I really don't know a whole lot about either. I know several people who have iPods and arent really that satisfied and have lots of problems. What would you guys suggest? Someone told me that if I wanted to get an mp3 player I would be sacrificing quality of sound for quantity of space, and if I bought a nice mini disc player it would be the other way around. So please forgive my ignorance lol because I really don't know much about either. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Just a point in the right direction or personal opinion would work. Thanks Also I should add that im looking to spend anywhere from $150-$400. I'm willing to spend more if it will turn out to be a good investment and worth the extra cash
  3. Yea I think your right Kurisu. HD DVD will live out atleast for now because it produces the best quality. Could this leave us to choose quality over quantity or vise versa? With any market there is always room for two. I really hope this isnt another failed format because only good things can come from a disc that can hold 100GB of data.
  4. Leon you sound like you buy alot of psp movies, if so do you also buy the same movies on DVD? Thats something I have a problem with lol I dont like buying two different formats of the same movie.
  5. Blu-Ray discs are definately going to take over the media business, they are far superior than HD DVDs in every aspect, yay for PS3. These discs are going to make way for 50GB PS3 games. That concept for me atleast isnt even fathomable lol I grew up playing 700MB Playstation games that made my jaw drop. Can you imagine a game created that will be anywhere near 50GB. With technology constantly advancing its kinda hard to keep up with it because the possibilities are really limitless. Already in development there are prototype 2x, 100GB blue-ray discs. These discs can record data up to 72Mbps! Companies everywhere are already adopting Blue-Ray products. For more information and what Blue-Ray has been up to this year at large goto http://www.blu-ray.com
  6. I like that the PSPs are slowly becoming customizable. I wouldnt even mind seeing face plates and covers in the not so distant future. If they havent been released in some form already.
  7. yea D-EJ is right. You know all of these problems could be easily corrected if you just gave me administrative powers
  8. PSP Online is looking really cool though. Hot MMO and role playing titles, all in the palm of your hands. As long as you have a wireless router your set.
  9. I completely agree. From what it looks like though the only thing the xbox 1.5 *cough* I mean xbox 360 will have is the media, xbox live, and the easy integration with the version of windows "Vista". Sony will soon rule the world lol. I only hope we wont lose the titles that we have come to love from both Xbox and Nintendo. Who knows what will happen, only time will tell. It does look like that playstation3 will win this around especially if they can work up a better online experiance because Playstation Online is pretty lacking right now. Playstation Online couldnt pull off "Final Fantasy XI" which will now be re released on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.
  10. Yea Nintendo has been updating their handhelds but they have been around in the handheld game alot longer and just like any hardware they come out with better and improved versions. I'm sure in the not so terribly distant future there will be a bigger, better and probably cool looking silver psp2 lol . Its my opinion that Nintendo will go the way of sega and be out of the handheld and console business. Once Nintendo starts losing the titles they will disappear.
  11. Yea you need to change font sizes all the way around. All of the toolbar/ My account links are a little too small. Also make it a little more obvious how to go back to pages you have previously visited after you have posted. But alot of that goes hand in hand with when you create your new logo.
  12. *Drool* White PSP too much for me to handle *drool* DADDY WANTS!!!!!!!
  13. In my mind Sony has taken over the handheld gaming industry, and I believe everyone agrees with me. But Nintendo has always put out strong handheld consoles such as the "GameBoy Advanced SP" and "Nintendo DS". This last E3 was really kind to both of these nintendo handhelds. But my question is can the PSP hold onto the market, the way the Playstation has held onto the console market for so many years? We see that is more evident with the upcoming PS3. Is there a foreseeable comeback for Nintendo handhelds in the not so distant future?
  14. I am turning Japanesa, I am turning japanesa and I think so. kurisu you need to change the font sizes of the loading screens. The "you have logged in as" screens. Alot of the font is too small. But so far it seems that your forum hand is strong
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