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  1. Oh, well... I have of course cleared the history but I'm sitting behind a firewall, that obviously has its cache... If Eric (the webmaster) can run touch command on these pictures it would be nice. Otherwise, I'll just wait for cache expiration.
  2. Daijoubu, it's a pity you aren't listening to what I'm saying. The links you provided discuss 'old-fashion' threaded view where you see every message on separate page (= one message per page). This is very inconvenient. But heck, I've already explained that twice. The link I've provided is pointing to a 'new-style' threaded view where you see all the discussion in one page. I suggest that you visit my link, since from your replies I suspect that you haven't done that yet. And any poll, as long as it's non-representative, isn't worth. And there's no way you can organize a representative poll on the web.
  3. When threaded view needs to open every message in a new page, it's really inconvenient, and everyone would prefer linear view where you can see several messages at once. The downside here is that you need to quote, and besides, long threads don't fit on one page. However, in the link I've provided you enjoy the best of both worlds: the threaded view that allows you to follow the thread development, as well as seeing everything in one page: once you click on the subject line the message opens in-place. Click again, it closes. You can open as many replies as you wish, or close all of them with a single click. You can see immediately the replies you haven't read yet, they are 'drawn' by slightly different color. (No need to perform Search for new, which is a burden on a server.) This one certainly isn't outdated!
  4. I haven't seen anything better and more convenient than Tapuz forums. Here is one: (it's in Hebrew) http://www.tapuz.co.il/tapuzforum/main/for...page.asp?id=216 The thread can split into several discussion threads, not just one long thread, like in vB. You don't need to quote since you reply directly below the original post. Everything is on one page. Browser takes care of read/unread stuff. Unfortunately, I think the software that runs their site is not for sale. :cry:
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