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  1. i hope for mac support, it would be a dream come true.
  2. i woud buy a removable hdd drive, if thats not an option well dvdr
  3. i imported some mp3s to SS2 and this has never happened.
  4. he could zip it and copy it to the device in drive mode, maybe?
  5. im hoping to see Hi-MD media in walmart soon.
  6. high end units always get the better packaging
  7. i think its only not gapless when played thru the usb port via sonicstage. but its gapless on portable use. :rasp:
  8. ^ well this unit is usb only, so you wont need the record button, there is no mic inputs etc to record from
  9. u can only record to PCM to Hi-MD from the unit. (i think)
  10. its on their site, just not avaible, it says something to the remark of arriving soon, here the link: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/ref=b...asin=B0001M3MVG
  11. can you post pics, otter? i would love to see it
  12. i take it, u can only use a disc for 1 thing at a time, if its formatted for audio, or its formatted for data.
  13. welcome if you the n10 then you need to get sonicstage 2.0 at www.connect.com as soon as posible :smile: no limit on checkouts :smile: edit : by the way the one i pointed out, its the official sonicstage2.0/connect
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