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    Win NT Problem

    The company I work for is really lenient and basically lets us do whatever we want with our computers. I checked with IT, and they were going to upgrade me to win 2000 so everything would work, but I didn't have enough room on my HD. The computer I have at home is probably 4-5 years old, (300 P2) but I usually only use it for writing papers and stuff. I haven't needed to upgrade since I can use my work comp for anything else I need to do. I'm going to try adding the PCI to my home comp. Thanks for the help
  2. HKer

    Win NT Problem

    I just bought a new Sony MD, the 707 model, and am running into a couple problems getting everything up and running. When I bought it I knew that it required a USB port to transfer to the MD. I don't have a USB port on my home computer, but I do have one at work so I figured I would install there (plus they have fast internet for mp3 downloads which I don't have at home). So I come into work today, go to install the software that comes with the player, but it wont install. I have Windows NT on my computer at work, and the software isn't compatible with NT :evil: . I guess I'm pretty dumb for not checking to make sure it was compatible with NT, but I've never ran into anything that would work on win 98/ME, but not NT. So onto my question...is there any way to get around the Windows NT problem? Are there any other software companies that make another type of software to transfer mp3's and cd's from a computer to the MD? Any other idea's or am I going to have to return the MD and go with a mp3 player? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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