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  1. I am using MP3Fm v2 to transfer songs to my NWE-507 and am finding that unless the track number is actually in the file name, that the songs will be in random order on the Walkman. I believe that I have tagged them correctly , but no matter what I do, unless the track number is in the file name, the songs will not be in order. Can anyone confirm if this is the case, or am I just doing something wrong?
  2. Thanks for the reply. You say that Atrac is supported, but I will need to update the firmware and Sonic Stage for it to work? So just to confirm, you say that with my current setup, it wont work? FYI My Atrac files are encoded @ 132kbps
  3. I have been testing with a PSP (firmware v1.5) & Sonic Stage 3.1, and ATRAC does not appear to be supported. I have tried it with a 32MB Duo, as well as a 1GB Duo Pro. Any ATRAC files listed in Sonic Stage are grayed out and cannot be selected to transfer to the PSP. Can any confirm this? Or has anyone been able to get it working? I also noticed that when MP3's are transferred using Sonic Stage, they are directly transferred. i.e. there is nothing done to the MP3 file, like when it is transferred to a NWHD Walkman.
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