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  1. NOREX

    net md software

    Thanks for the advice to the above poster i was looking for a similar answer. I have seen the link to the Sony Connect site to download Sonic 2. I am a NZ910 user but have lost my software, could you answer a quick question for me? Is it free to download from the website as it isn't clear. it mentions something about a shop. It seems that you have to download a programme then buy it before you can activate, is that right? I only need Sonic Stage for a day as im burning my cds to md before going off travelling so dont want to pay if possible. Is there a trial version you know if if the connect one isn't free? Sorry for the waffle, hope u can help.
  2. I recently purchased the F810 and my advice to anyone thinking of doing the same is simple - Don't. The volume quality is poor, its's overly bulky as if it was made 3 or 4 years ago and the radio (the main reason for buying it) has poor frequency. I've taken it back to the shop and now i'm left with choices to make namely which replacement do i get? I've heard the N910 and I'm happy with it's quality but i don't really need NETMD - shall i get the E10 instead? If I choose to get the E10 does it still come with sonic stage?
  3. The N810 radio is built into the earphones, is it possible just to buy the earphones seperatley and then put them in an N910? That would be ideal.
  4. But the sound quality is just as high as the N910/N10 is it? Am i right in thinking that they are pretty much the same model released at similar times? I think they have all the same qualities apart from 64x transfer speed compared to 32x, the radio and obviously the design.
  5. NOREX


    Anyone ever used one? Most of my music is on MD so it would be a nightmare to transfer it all but I'm hearing good reviews. is this the music player of the future? I'm about to purhcase either the N910 of F810 but am having second thoughts having heard about the ipod
  6. NOREX

    Sharp minidisc

    Does the sharp md have a programme that you can downloads tracks from pc to md like sonic stage? I don't need to downloads mp3s or anything but i use my pc to transfer to md. Any experinece of using md's with radio? They don't seem to get much press but it seems like a nice bonus to have if it doesn't affect the overall quality of player. I'm considering buying the Sony N910 but would buy the most upto date md with radio if it's decent.
  7. Thanks I'll look into those. Is it worth considering something like the MDR-E868 & MDR-G73? I've never had used the wraparound earphones are they a worth purchase or is the sound quality affected?
  8. About to purchase Sony N910 is it worth buying different earphones, what is the difference is sound quality from the standard issue? Sharp D7 is this better than N910?
  9. I'm thinking of getting the MZ 910 but have just heard about the Sony MZNF810 with AM/FM radio. I like the idea of a md with radio but does is it any good. Is that sound quality affected? Would you reccomend?
  10. NOREX

    MZ N10

    ive only ever had standard headphones that came with my md player, if you buy seperate headphones can you still plug them into the remote? I should think the wire would be far too longl or am i missing something I've only ever really considered Sony, is the sharp product as good/better or not too good?
  11. NOREX

    MZ N10

    I recently bought a new MZ N10 which broke on the first day! The problem was that it couldn't read the disc. I took it back and got a full refund anyway. Now call me foolish but I'm planning to buy a new one, the major thing that i did notice was that the volume was substantially different from my current MD (mz r-91) i found the volume on the n10 was much quieter, is this a common problem? I have heard that MDR-EX70LP Fontopia Headphones are a good replacement for the standard sony headphones but do these come with a remote control because it seems a little pointless to have an md player and then not utilise a remote. Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Also any other i'd like to hear about any other mz n10 problems.
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