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  1. I am thinking of getting the MZ-RH1. A few questions for the experts here: if you upload an old ATRAC SP track in PCM format with the new MZ-RH1, does it preserve the tagging of your files in any way? Does it break the tracks into separate PCM or .wav files, or is the minidsic loaded as one big long PCM file? Is it uploaded as a .wav file or as an ATRAC advanced PCM lossless file? Thanks for any help!
  2. I'm really thrilled about all of this. I had started moving my legacy ATRAC 4.0 and ATRAC R files to computer by toslink in real time, saving them as wav files, and re-titling before burning to CD and trans-coding to high-bitrate MP3s for my ipod. I've got a couple hundred or so legacy minidsics. My LP collection is on minidisc. I've got some great legacy minidsic equipment I bought on huge sales, including a sony ES recorder, a Sony 5CD / 5 MD recorder / tuner / kitchen sink, an MD deck with a keyboard input, and a couple of portables. I can't wait to start using my computer with this medium too. I never had any use for the netmd stuff. So count me in -- I'll be picking up an MZ-RH1 rather than picking up a newer generation ipod as I had previously planned.
  3. Is everything okay with the minidisc community page? On the home page I don't get any recent news. It just has the headers and is more or less blank, and the links to news are out-dated. Is it just a temporary problem or is this a long-term change?
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