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  1. I also have the DR7 and have been using a regular set of earbuds with it. The ear buds that came with the unit suck. It shouldn't affect the quality too much using a regular cable to dub onto your computer. I would try using the RCA cable that came with the unit though; buy an adapter that has female RCA to miniplug and connect the two cables. this will integrate the 1-bit 4 pole tech. into the transfer. I don't know about the E888's though, I use the EX70's and they are deffinately worth the price.
  2. What really needs to happen though is: deleting all of the junk(repeated questions, topics that haven't been viewed in over two months, etc). People are going to contiinue to refuse to search and just ask questions, whether we like it or not.
  3. Check out the Minidisc accesories browser on minidisc.org, they have printers listed on there.
  4. Dang, a 14 year old with an N10 :!: :?: When I was 14, I was lucky to be able to by candy out of the vending machine at school. Nice job man, I wish I was as forutunate as you at your age.
  5. The difference between the line out and head phone mode is that the line out mode flattens the equalizer and cranks the volume, giving you a much truer reproduction on a copy. head phone mode you can control the EQ and volume to your preference.
  6. EVHShawn

    md dr7

    Sorry, wasn't logged in :roll: ^
  7. EVHShawn

    md dr7

    Actually you can erase tracks written with a netmd recorder on your MD-DR7 I just tried it on mine and it worked perfectly, now I have to put the track back on, thank you very much.
  8. back in July I got a Corn Pops box with the same promo on the box, haven' t seen another one since. If Sony and Sharp would do more promos like that they could get tons more sales and MD, in my opinion, would really catch on.
  9. The N10 doesn't have a gumstick battery, it has a lithium Ion battery, this is part of the reason it is so small. Although the battery is removable it would be extremely dificult to find a replacement battery for it. If you want a higher end portable that you can remove the rechargable battery out of I would go with the Sharp MD-DR7. Besides Sharp makes a higher quality recorder anyway.
  10. found what I was looking for, thanx guys.
  11. What they really need to do is: 1) start advertising during sports events and, 2) when their sales start to boost again, start making more albums on MD. I also think that more promotional give aways through radio stations and soft drink companies would be affective.
  12. EVHShawn

    Anti-MP3 movement!

    Dang you beat me to it Bazirker. I was just coming on to type my latest thoughts on the matter and it looks like you thought the same thing. I was going to say that just because someone is an excellent poet, doesn't mean that they are an excellent musician.
  13. I agree with you on the car decks and the non-portable units; however I don't think that having more computer drives would enhance the perpetuation of the MD in the US that much. People usually don't buy a new home computer every year, they usually wait about three or four years before they burn more money on a computer.
  14. almost any time you copy or transfer a piece of information, it has some sort of decay. If you can't hear it though, then it doesn't matter
  15. It's just the three disk carosel with dual tape wells and AM/FM radio, no burner
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