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  1. dazzjazz

    Mac woes

    Hi, after not using my MD for a while, and since having just got a Mac I thought I'd try to get some important tracks off it. I found HI-MD Music Transfer version 2 but this doesn't support this feature for the Rh10. Any workarounds people? Thanks Darren
  2. Hi all, I have an MZRH10 which is great except it doesn't save my (manual) recording level, reverting to the auto input. It all doesn't save my screen prefs, which i have to reset every time I use the unit - gets pretty annoying huh? Do any of the newer sony units address these issues? Darren
  3. dazzjazz

    3.4 problem

    Hi, I am trying to upload a recording I made on my RH1. I'm familiar with the process, having done it successfully many times. However, today Sonic Stage refuses to recognise my disc. SS trys to read the TOC and just crashes after getting to 99%. Despite this, Simple burner can read the TOC and I can delete files etc. I've reinstalled SS, still no dice. The disc seems fine and plays back all tracks etc. What should I do? Darren
  4. After many reinstalls follwing the FAQ, I took the additional step of searching the registry for "Sony" and "OMG" and found a few to delete. Then, hey presto, SS3 can see my HiMD. About time, I've been trying to get it to work for weeks Darren
  5. Hi, How do I uninstall the RH10 driver? I've tried several times to get SS3 to recognise my RH10 without success (following the FAQ). How do I uninstall codec packs ? Darren
  6. I have tried all the stuff in the threads you suggested without success. I still have no luck. Simplerburner seems to detect that the HiMD is connected, as the tray icon goes red. But When I open the program and try to transfer the REC button is 'greyed out' and unavailable. In SS the HiMD does not appear in the transfer menu, only the message "device not connected". What should I do now? Darren PS I forgot to add that it all used to work perfectly. I don't know that anything has changed on my machine - I very much doubt it.
  7. Damn, I've done two complete uninstall/reinstall cycles and SS3 still won't recognise my RH10. This is so frustrating. When will Sony fix this total piece of CRAP Darren
  8. Thanks, I've done a complete reinstall as described in the FAQ. Now SS3 will not recognise my HIMD unit. What now? Darren
  9. When I click register nothing happens. It's not my firewall either. Any more ideas? Darren
  10. Hi, I've been using SimpleBurner for a while now and it no longer gets the CD track information, even for CD's that have been recognised before. I 've tried disbling my firewall but that didn't help so I'm not sure what else to try. dazzjazz
  11. I actually like the larger size (said the actress to the bishop) Somehow feels more solid! Darren
  12. I have some valuable tracks on HiMD PCm and was about to transfer them using SS3. I did get a warning message about only being able to do this once. So, can anyone point out any dangers I need to know about please? Would I be better off using the HiMDrender tool? thanks Dazzjazz
  13. I don't use MP3's at all so I'm sorry but I can't help you! dazzjazz
  14. No. I cannot find these older codecs on the Japanese edition. Just PCM, Hi-SP and Low-SP dazzjazz
  15. Hi all, I got my RH10 last week in Nagoya for the equivalent of $400 aussie dollars. I'm very impressed with it. The screen makes it easy to use (once I changed the language to English that is!) I recorded my last gig in Japan with it and it sounds good - I used PCM mode. The AC adaptor is 110-240v switchable and very lightweight. On the down side it doesn't remember Rec Mode settings, which is a slight pain. Nor does it have the clock/timestamp feature that I found handy on my MZN10. I will endeavour to answer your questions once I get over the jet lag. Dazzjazz
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