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  1. Ultima

    MZ N10

    It's the French law which says that the maximum output is 2mw. cheers, Aad
  2. Ultima

    about RM-MC35ELK

    Isn't it in the MZ-N10 service manual ?
  3. Ultima

    MD for jogging

    I sometimes use my N10 for running and have no problems at all. I keep the MD in a neophrene case, so no excessive shock can occur... I would say G-Shock is adequate.. Cheers, Aad
  4. Getting into the Service Mode of an N10 is not the same as for the 707. The correct sequense is: 1 Put the main unit on hold. 2 Keep the 'group'-button pressed while using the joystick do nr.3 3 >> , >> , << , << , >> , << , >> , << , || , || (right,right,left,left,right,left,right,left,pause,pause) Now you are in service mode. To 'hold' the display from toggling around, press the pause button. Leave Service Mode by switching off the unit completely (switch on back side) Cheers, Aad
  5. Hi all, My N10 (Japanese import) has firmware version 1.300 Can it be upgraded in the (near) future, or is it 'as is' Does anybode know the difference between the versions ??? Cheers, Aad
  6. No, unfortunately there is nothing on my cable at all... sorry... BTW, this is a Japanese import N10 Cheers, Aad
  7. Ultima

    MZN10 recording....

    I had the same problem... turned out to be the virusscanner (McAfee) It was scanning all files and keeping the computer too busy (Vaio Laptop PCG-X29 - P3-750 - 256MB) Cheers, Aad
  8. Is there already a service manual available somewhere on the net ? Thanks....
  9. Yep, I have a Sony ES MDX-C8500E in my car... (and a 10 disc CD changer) http://www.astra-sport.tk/ - Look at the HiFi page for the audio system...
  10. Ultima

    Time on the N10

    Yep, I have tried it also the hard way, and came to same conclusion... I have to live with it...
  11. Did you put an AA battery in the mic ??? Info on the microphone: http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer/ss5/o...08c_specs.shtml
  12. Ultima

    Time on the N10

    Well, it could be that there is a condensator in there with enough capacity to keep the time for a few hours... A lot of VCR's have that system in place to overcome power outages.... And off-course there is flash-memory etc.... My memorystick also keeps the memory intact without power... Anyway, still no answer...
  13. Hi all, Is it true that when I switch the internal battery of the Sony N10 off, it loses track of time? Isn't there a memory build in ? Cheers, Aad
  14. Yes, correct... I have the 838 earphones with my Japanese N10... but I recommend the 888... I have upgraded to them and the sound is way better...
  15. Hi, I own a Japanese version and these are the differences: - Remote (high-resolution display, capable of two lines of text.) Only when showing both the disc-title en track-title it will use the double line. When editing, it will use a single line.. - Power adapter Unlike the world model which has a 100-240v adapter, the Japanese has a 100v only adapter. (I use it with a 220 to 100 transformer) - Manual and software Cheers, Aad
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