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  1. Hey im looking for this cable! You put it in the Minidisc's Line in and you put it on the Recording decives Line out. i think that how it works, and then on the minidisc u then press record. Both ends of the small plugs are the same! I think its called the Line In cable, i know its not a Digital cable because thats got a Line in one end and the other end's wierd. well can any of u guys help meh? Thx
  2. i wish that there were minidiscs that you could record music off the computer and i wish that you can put more than 30 songs on 1 minidisc!!!!! Lol
  3. i just did the hack and for some wierd reason after afew mins of me listening to the music, this other music comes on and take over my MD. its a little wierd tune, how do i get rid of it
  4. i said throw me a Friggen Bone here!!!!!!! wheres the bone!
  5. its only 5 mins, just get another disk!!
  6. OK, all i did was Convert all the songs to ATRAC3 First!!!! then Transfer into the Minidisk!! it worked with me and i had the ame problem
  7. i got a 707 and when i listen to my Minidisk i always use headphones, whats the best LP mode for me to get the best sound qualitiy out of. I now have 56 songs using LP4 on 1 minidisk and the last 4 songs i have put on there have been Cracky in some parts i dont know why. it could be because he disk is getting full ?
  8. yes, all those in the above post are very good, i have tryed them all and they all work
  9. OK, i got a MZN-707 and i dont know if i should use hacks or not. Is it all worth it? can you please tell in detail what each of the things you get from the hack do.
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