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  1. hi i put all the gym files in the root directory and it works fine. Unfortunately it is not possible to use GYM to transfer music to the device. i thought i could:( is it possible to use the mp3file manager (mp3fm) with the NW-A3000? when i open it, it only recognizes my memory stick port. i would prefer using that over sonic stage.
  2. I've tried to install gym, i used the tutorial from this forum (http://www.gaugestudios.com/nwa1000/) in the tutorial it says that when you unzip GYM there should be a folder called GYM. in my case all the GYM files are in the root directory. is this a problem and should i put the files in a GYM folder or is it okay to leave them in the root folder?
  3. hello I've a Sony NW-a3000 hard disk player. ans as most i people i really don't like the connect software. I've been looking around on the internet for alternatives and now I'm a bit confused. I think it may be useful to put a list here whit all the software there is for the nw-a3000. (and this will be the same for nw-a1000 i guess) I've read that it is possible to transfer music from the player to a computer with the GYM software, even if there is no special software on the computer. is it also possible to transfer music from a computer to the Walkman. (this because i sometimes want to take some music from a friends computer) i hope U all have suggestions. after a few days i will edit the start post with a list of all the software.
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