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    MD media/discs

    Hello! I've never jumped on the Hi-MD wagon mostly because Sony ditched Hi-MD on the decks. I'm a happy MD user with both a Recording Portable and a Deck. I plan on keeping both of the units, specially the Deck. I could probably add a used NetMD unit and maybe a Portable Player. Anyway, my concern is about MD media. Will media simply disappear as is MD hardware disappearing? Will Sony discontinue disk production? What about the other brands? I'd love to continue using this format at home at least. Hell, VHS tapes are still around, I hope MDs will be for a loooonng time as well. Best regards.
  2. Well, thank you. If I can find a 600D for a good price I'll jump on it, though I'm heading to NetMD units. I could probably get a N10 or N910 for the same price or cheaper and have the better quality. Or just go the cheap way, a N510 would do the job.
  3. Yeah, that's what I thought... Just use plain ol' 80/74 discs in LP2. I believe they won't record in SP faster than real time, am I right? And the same applies to NetMD units, right?
  4. Yeah, encoding takes time, though I can't be bothered recording them all in real time, thus the request for either NetMD or Hi-MD portables. I'll probably go the NetMD way though.
  5. Hi there. I currently have a MZ-R700 and the MDS-JE480 deck. I have a lot of albums and I have most of them already in mp3 format in my PC. The best albums I will be recording real time from the CD through optical (the old skool way, I think it is best). Now, I want all the other albums copied over to MD faster than real time. I'm looking at used portable devices to do the job. I'm not sure if I should go the NetMD way or the Hi-MD way since these cannot be played on Sony decks. What is my best bet here? The job for this portable is exclusively downloader, I do not care for Mic input at all. I just want to copy my mp3 files fast. Thx
  6. The 780 does have grouping functions unlike the 480. I believe the function resides on the software PCB, but you's probably have to replace all the front panel (due to the added buttons of the 780). I'm studying the 470 service manual atm, but best would be to have the 770 or 780 service manual as well. I'm interested in exchanging the 480 display with the 780. Don't know if that is possible atm.
  7. Just received it in the mail. Tried it and I'm loving it. It does however, pick the motor when plugged in directly! Hopefully it'll give me a lot of recordings trouble-free! Thanks for the comments!
  8. Thank you, will report back! Hopefully, it'll be just fine for my needs. Best regards, maia
  9. The package brings it anyway, lol. It's a shame that the micro gets the rotor sound when plugged in directly. I was going to use it directly (most of the time). Anyway, I just got one for 10.49£ shipped. Can't wait for it to arrive! Thanks for the opinions, but for the price, couldn't let it pass. Best regards, maia
  10. Thx A440. Anymore opinions?
  11. Hi guys & gals Is the ECM-DS70P a nice microphone? It'd go along with the R700. I'm interested in recording interviews (most of the time) and live concerts (seldom). Can't really use it for much more, right? Best regards, maia
  12. I have one the new JE series, the 480... I really miss the keyboard input and the optical output (though it can *easily* be added). It a nice deck for the price, but you get what you pay for obviously. I wouldn't recommend the 780 though, since the 980 is just a few more bucks...
  13. Hehe, I just noticed that too and didn't saw any others with that kind of info, lol. Headed right here to check if there was a thread about it. Nice one
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