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    NONE but i want NW-HD5

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  1. wow invert the screen b4 doing this its a lot easier to see since backlight turns off
  2. mcca555

    NW-HD5 Vs NW-A3000

    YEAH!!!!!!! i just my NW-HD5 i had no idea about MP3 File Manager im glad it has it though because my computer power supply is almost dead and wont install anything
  3. i bought this from sade duo and just recieved it looks very clean to me will post more later
  4. Listening on my computer because my CD been broken for far too long 1. Revoluntionary Intro Listen Listen 2. The Point Of No Return Listen Listen 3. Peruvian Cocaine Listen Listen 4. Harlem Streets Listen Listen 5. Obnoxious Listen Listen 6. The Message & The Money Listen Listen 7. Industrial Revolution Listen Listen 8. Crossing The Boundary Listen Listen 9. Sierra Maestra Listen Listen 10. The 4th Branch Listen Listen 11. Internally Bleeding Listen Listen 12. Homeland And Hip Hop Listen Listen 13. The Cause Of Death Listen Listen 14. Freedom Of Speech Listen Listen 15. Leaving The Past Listen Listen 16. Truth's Razors Listen Listen 17. You Never Know Listen Listen 18. One (Remix) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000UX58...5Fencoding=UTF8
  5. anyone got a bom box or car deck that plays Atrac? IF so can any of you tell me what you think about the one you have I like this Atrac format and need a CD player for my S10 '99 and was thinking of a bom box that play mp3 so why not sony I just wanted to know what ya'll think ANY recomendations??
  6. mcca555

    NW-HD5 Vs NW-A3000

    i want one of these i been waiting to get the NW-HD5 since summer '05 and im getting ridiculously tired of not being able to GET ONE!!!! Sony may be on the works of new HDD mp3 players but by the time they hit the U.S i will probably be another one of them people who gets an ipod video no i dont like ipod put at least they are at the stores sorry about the rant i just want to see which does better in this poll to see if i cant get a cheap NW-HD5 then i might as well get the NW-A3000 for about $350 on ebay
  7. soon as i get the money to buy the NW-HD5 amazon takes the product off so i wait and wait.....wait......and.. wait but what happens it dont come back in stock so i decide to check out sony and all they got is 1GB mp3 players what it going on here?
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