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  1. I would like to rip the audio from live DVDs I own so that I can copy them onto my iPod for my own personal use, can anybody recommend any freeware for this?
  2. How about Sony YOu must use Winamp or MD will die
  3. Witch BS or not so maybe the case, do you think will happen? :shock:
  4. No WMP is a pile of shit, good day to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Mod Note] This is not an appropriate use of the "reply" feature. Cursing inanely and short replies aren't appreciated.[/mod note]
  5. LOL that was in the list but I didnt have the room for it.
  6. Can I get replacement cases? I have 3 broken ones now
  7. A list of things people want, or have thought of.
  8. The are no MP3 players that use Minidisc you use LP 4
  9. AJUK

    MD Data for Music

    Would be better if both data and music were on the same type of disc
  10. Would it be possable to get an open top or sliding case, so then you could carry all the discs in 1 protective case, and then put the disc in the player compatible case when you want to play it? Also is it possible to buy empty cases because some of mine have broken shutters.
  11. Do you think SOny Electronics are just as P***ed off at Sony music as we are, at Sony holding back Minidisc technology (uploading and larger discs etc)?
  12. Its all so white its doing my eyes in :roll: :shock: :?
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