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  1. you need not order the world version, though i'm not certain if the charger will take 240V. even if it doesn't just go into any electronics shop and pick up a generic charger which is compatible with different DC voltages. That's what i did with my n10, haven't had any problems.
  2. I'm using a pair of Philps SBC HP840 with the following specs: Frequency Range: 8-29000 Hz Sensitivity: 105 dB Impendance: 40 Ohm i think they sound great (some may dissagree)...but they fit within your price range as i got them for about $36...
  3. no the N10 does not have joint text.
  4. what extra option in the power option...both have quick mode. the 910 does however have joint text.
  5. 910 quite small good battery probably one of the best recorders high end model 10 as small as recorders get internal battery (in my oppinion it's very good) probably one of the best recorders high end model ne810 lower end model has a radio built into remote.
  6. i don't think he was talkin bout net md... i think he was talking about a specific USB device that would transfer data to an MD. But this also seems unlikely.... as for writing a program..the guy barely knows how to use word let alone write a program... but majestic, i think your right, it's not very likely...
  7. i thought that was the case, just wanted to check..
  8. i heard some guy at school sayin something about a new mdp that could infact be hooked up to a computer, and would appear as a new drive in my computer, he said u could transfer files to it....any truth? the guy's an idiot, so i passed it by, but then someone else said the same thing.
  9. what bout the nero+sb method, i'm not sure if u can add groups etc. with it...but most people prefer it to ss..
  10. should also check out the sony n710 or even the n910 that goes slightly outsied ur budget......n710 is a good overallunit
  11. i'm gonna dissagree, the n10 doesn't have nearly as many complaints as the n1. i think this is more of an isocolated case, as my brother and i both own n10's and have had no problems wid them.....
  12. the gumstick can easily be damaged, as if u don't wait for it to be fully decharged before recharging it, it gets damaged.
  13. don't know about the sharp models, but i know about the sony's N10 pretty good battery life. has an internal li-on, so u can recharge any time you want very slim and very light. US version has 5mW output Has pretty much every feature u'll ever need N910 Better battery life than the N10, but has gumstick, so it can be easily damaged slightly larger than n10 US version has 5mW output. same features as n10, plus some useless ones... depending on ur budged take one of these... the 910 is cheaper than the n10, but the n10 looks a lot better
  14. check out md.org...they'll also have some stuff
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