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  1. "I had the same problem about 2 years ago. I sent my N1 to Sony, (I live in Peru, imagine the hassle)..."

    I also live in Perú and wasn´t able to solve my N707 problem. At first it showed gaps in songs recorded via optical in, but recording via USB was fine, but suddenly I can´t record anymore. I tried two different computers, different version of SS (3.3/3.4), simple burner and I keep getting the "unable to record..." mesage. The recordings stars fine but then it halts (around 50-60% progress), I think the problem is when the recorder tries to write.

    Took it to Sony technical service where I technician said he will take a look to it, but I don´t expect too much from him.

    I have to decide to stay with minidisc (HI-MD) or go to a flash based device.

  2. Sorry to hear about your recording woes Scratch... :( Although I am not a techie-person and have not had that problem with my 707, have you by chance tried one of those specialized cleaner discs? I personally don't have one but it might be worth a try...



    well, I tried to clean the optic group with a cotton swab and alcohol but the problem is still there, it happens randomly and sometimes I'm able to record an entire minidisc with problems in just one song (which a re-record) or no problems at all, but sometimes it gets worse (very frustating). Since minidisc is not an official Sony product here, where I live, there's no tech support, however I found a technician who might be able to help.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. Thanks for any assistance; will try blowing clean before my next listen, but would like to hear any feedback that might help.


    Well, I cleaned the optic group with a cotton swab and alcohol and the problem disappeared, but I suspect there is a broken wire in the ribbon that randomly becomes off contact when the ribbon moves. I'll eventually go HI-MD but I would like to have my 707 in operational shape.

    good luck.

  4. jeebus, crazeybt1 please punctuate your sentences.

    check out the 'blank disc solution' sticky at the top.

    i've added some info on interrupted playback.

    I'll check that. Thanks

    Crazybit: you might be right, I think the problem is getting worse sad.gif , in my case the interruptions are in the begining of the disc. I also heard some noise from the minidisc recorder motor picked in some recordings.


  5. Hi. I recently started having problems when recording with my MZ-N707. The recording seems fine but when I listen to the songs some "interruptions" appear, is like the music is cut for a fraction of a second, many times in each song. It happened on SP both using the line and digital reording. I usually re-record the songs and then some of them result ok.

    It happened in my last three recordings (different discs), the problem seems worse at the beginning of the recording. I also had a REC ERROR message in the last two recordings.

    Any idea of what`s wrong and how can it be solved?


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