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  1. "I had the same problem about 2 years ago. I sent my N1 to Sony, (I live in Peru, imagine the hassle)..." I also live in Perú and wasn´t able to solve my N707 problem. At first it showed gaps in songs recorded via optical in, but recording via USB was fine, but suddenly I can´t record anymore. I tried two different computers, different version of SS (3.3/3.4), simple burner and I keep getting the "unable to record..." mesage. The recordings stars fine but then it halts (around 50-60% progress), I think the problem is when the recorder tries to write. Took it to Sony technical service where I technician said he will take a look to it, but I don´t expect too much from him. I have to decide to stay with minidisc (HI-MD) or go to a flash based device.
  2. well, I tried to clean the optic group with a cotton swab and alcohol but the problem is still there, it happens randomly and sometimes I'm able to record an entire minidisc with problems in just one song (which a re-record) or no problems at all, but sometimes it gets worse (very frustating). Since minidisc is not an official Sony product here, where I live, there's no tech support, however I found a technician who might be able to help. Thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Well, I cleaned the optic group with a cotton swab and alcohol and the problem disappeared, but I suspect there is a broken wire in the ribbon that randomly becomes off contact when the ribbon moves. I'll eventually go HI-MD but I would like to have my 707 in operational shape. good luck.
  4. I'll check that. Thanks Crazybit: you might be right, I think the problem is getting worse , in my case the interruptions are in the begining of the disc. I also heard some noise from the minidisc recorder motor picked in some recordings. thanks
  5. Yes, I tried with different discs and with different CD sources with the same results. NetMD music playback is OK.
  6. Hi. I recently started having problems when recording with my MZ-N707. The recording seems fine but when I listen to the songs some "interruptions" appear, is like the music is cut for a fraction of a second, many times in each song. It happened on SP both using the line and digital reording. I usually re-record the songs and then some of them result ok. It happened in my last three recordings (different discs), the problem seems worse at the beginning of the recording. I also had a REC ERROR message in the last two recordings. Any idea of what`s wrong and how can it be solved? Thanks.
  7. Yeah, I'm sorry about it. I didn't know he was a MD supporter, the day he died I remember I was recording "Bad case of loving you" into a MD mix. Thanks for the links.
  8. Hi, I think the reason for the lack of response is because yours sound like a very odd problem, and as the other poster said your best bet is to get Sony service. I have a 707 that has worked flawlessly until now. cheers
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